Mercato: Bayern Lewandowski’s clear answer

Eager to change air, Robert Lewandowski could stay at Bayern Munich this summer. Indeed, the German club refuses to let the Polish striker go, leaving to lose him without financial compensation in June 2023.

Will Lewandowski stay at Bayern?

Robert Lewandowski (33) has decided: he wants to leave. After eight full seasons, the Polish striker has chosen to leave Bayern Munich this summer. But between his desire for a change of scenery and his departure, there is quite a long way to go. And on the road, the leaders of the Bavarian club do not intend to give him the slightest gift.

Bayern close the door

Indeed, the Munich decision-makers and Pini Zahavi, famous representative of the top European scorer, changed their point of view during a meeting on Thursday. According to Bild, this lasted two and a half hours. Race results? Positions that have not moved. While Lewandowski, who initially demanded a two-year extension at the same salary level, is not insensitive to the interest of FC Barcelona, ​​​​ready to pounce by pushing him to clash, his bosses have closed the door to him.

As indicated in recent weeks, the Bayern board sees no point in letting go of the world’s top scorer for eight seasons now, who is still playing at an exceptional level (48 goals this in 2021-2022). Even if a price of 40 million euros has been mentioned for a possible transfer of the former Borussia Dortmund player, the Rekordmeister thinks it is better to count on Lewandowski for one more season, even if it means leaving him free in June 2023.

Positions can still move

Obviously, the positions can still move in the weeks and months to come. With the opening of the summer transfer window, Bayern will not hesitate to hit the field to eventually find his successor (Hland, Haller, Jovic, etc.). On the other hand, it now seems more complicated to consider an extension of the collaboration between Lewandowski and Bayern. A new meeting is also planned by the end of the season to clarify a little more an increasingly tense situation.

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