Mechanical doping: Pogacar targeted!

Noises emanating from Tadej Pogacar’s bike were noticed by some riders during the previous Tour de France.

It’s time for suspicion among Tour de France followers. Consequence in particular of the show of force of the riders of the Jumbo-Visma throughout the three weeks of racing. Some journalists did not hesitate to ask Jonas Vingegaard and Wout van Aert on Saturday if they could guarantee that they were not doping. But suspicion was already in place last summer, especially within the peloton…

During the last Tour de France, Time revealed that three runners had conducted their own investigation after hearing “a strange noise” on some bikes. “It comes from the rear wheels”noted one of them, evoking “a metallic noise never heard anywhere” “It is no longer a motor in the crankset or an electromagnet system in the rims of the wheels, but a device hidden in the hub, entrusted another of his cyclist-investigators. There is also talk of a wheel recuperator. Energy via the brakes. The inertia is stored like in Formula 1.”

It would be the end of cycling

The investigation ultimately turned up nothing. No more than the checks carried out by the Union Cycliste Internationale throughout the Tour. A UCI to which some riders had nevertheless turned, according to Pierre Carrey, the author of the article. “During the Giro d’Italia, the riders told me that they still had doubts. But they are afraid to speak publicly because they are afraid of getting into real trouble. There is so much money at stake. There is such paranoia among runners. Nothing is clear,” he recently confided to the microphone of ARD.

And the riders are all the more suspicious since one of the bikes from which these suspicious noises emanated was none other than that of Tadej Pogacar, the big boss of the Tour, according to the journalist from the Time. “Imagine if one of the younger winners were to be found guilty of mechanical doping. It would be the biggest doping scandal in sports history. It would be awful. It would be the end of cycling, explained the latter. And that’s why the UCI and the organizers of the Tour could find nothing.

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