May 14, 2022 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA race results from Kansas Speedway

Today, the ARCA Menards Series unloads in Kansas City, Kansas. The 1.5-mile track is set to open the triple-header race weekend with the Dutch Boy 150.

View Kansas Speedway results for the ARCA Menards Series below.

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Corey Heim and Drew Dollar set the front row. 100 lapses of stock car racing are up next…

Race Report

Green flag, Heim is clear before turn one. Drew Dollar slides Connor Mosack into turn three to hold 2nd.

Lap 10, Heim is driving away. He leads Sanchez by 3 seconds.

Lap 14, Daniel Dye has a run on Nick Sanchez and Drew Dollar off turn two. He dives to the inside but has a narrow entry into turn three. He slides all the way to the outside lane. Dye gets loose, barely brushes the wall and falls to 5th. Sanchez returns to 2nd.

Dollar works inside of Sanchez for 2nd. They trade side drafts and Dollar wins that battle.

Lap 22, bail for debris.

Green, Drew Dollar gets the jump on the inside lane. Heim pinches him down into turn one. They remain side by side off turn two. Heim side drafts him down the back stretch. Heim wins the battle on the outside in turn three to hold the lead.

Lap 40, Dollar has moved up a lane and he’s closing slightly on Heim.

Lap 45, Heim has moved from the bottom lane to the top. He’s driving away once more.

Race break

Lap 50, the caution is out for debris. This will also be the competition caution.

Pit Penalty: Daniel Dye has been handed multiple penalties. NASCAR is holding him on the pit lane and he’ll go a lap down. He’ll leave pit lane as the green comes back out.

Green, Heim and Dollar run side by side for the lead. They remain side by side off turn two.

Dollar drives is deep into turn three! He runs wide and doors Heim off turn four. Dollar gets loose under him and they both slam the outside wall! Heim is done for the day.

Green, Nick Sanchez and Rajah Caruth run side by side into turn one and off turn two. Sanchez drives it deep to the inside in turn three, clear. Sanchez leads the field back to the line.

Lap 67, Drew Dollar is in the wall and the caution is out. They time, the car is completely broken.

Green, Sanchez and Curuth run side by side once more. Sanchez clear him into turn three to hold the lead.

10 to go, Sanchez leads Caruth by five car lengths.

5 to go, Sanchez opens the gap.

Nick Sanchez wins at Kansas Speedway!

Kansas Speedway Results
May 14, 2022
ARCA Menards Series

Pos | Driver

1. Nick Sanchez
2. Rajah Caruth
3. Daniel Dye
4. Gus Dean
5. Connor Mosack
6. Will Kimmel
7. Greg Van Alst
8. Ron Vandermeir Jr.
9. Amber Balcean
10. Toni Breidinger
11. Zachary Tinkle
12. D. L. Wilson
13. Bryce Haugeberg
14. Ryan Huff
15. Drew Dollar
16. Corey Heim
17. Alex Clubb
18. Brad Smith
19. Arnout Kok


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