Max Verstappen Considers Extreme NASCAR Move Just So He Can Beat Some Drivers

After last weekend’s showdown with George Russell, Max Verstappen might consider switching to a sport that allows for a bit of a beating. In F1, it is rare to see drivers get into a fight; all because of the extremely classy nature of the sport, fistfights are strictly prohibited. In fact, even Verstappen’s trade with Russell would be overlooked in most sports. But in F1 it was a big problem.

As a result, Verstappen keeps his “Mad Max” persona caged in as much as he can. Although he often comes through, imagine his potential in a more aggressive sport like NASCAR.

Speaking to Dan Katz and PMT Commenter on the Pardon My Take podcast, Verstappen reached an epiphany. Maybe he was in the wrong place.

Max Verstappen plans to switch NASCAR

When asked if riders struggle after a nasty accident or an unfriendly track experience, Sergio Perez laughed. He asked the hosts, “Didn’t you see the last sprint race?

As Verstappen smiled and took a guilty sip of his Red Bull, Perez said: “You should watch this.” While Verstappen innocently replied that nothing happened, the Red Bull champion answered the original question in an attempt to change the subject. “It depends on whether you really want to say something or question it.”

However, Perez wouldn’t let go. “He had a word with one of the drivers after the race. But it’s not like NASCAR; they fight properly. And so, Verstappen had his eureka moment. impassive, he said, “I’m in the wrong sport.”

When asked if he would seriously consider fighting other pilots, Verstappen explained that he was only joking; if he actually admitted it, it would be all over the internet.

Pondering the option, however, Verstappen highlighted why he could never fight someone in F1, no matter how tempting. In NASCAR, it’s a possibility. Grabbing Checo’s collar, he demonstrated, “It’s not allowed. I mean, even if you catch someone like that, you already have two days of homework.

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Reflecting on his infamous physical altercation with Esteban Ocon in 2018, Verstappen smiled, “I already did so…”

A die-hard motorsports fan, one can only imagine how Verstappen would fare in NASCAR. No one would survive! Bloody-nosed drivers and broken garage walls? Maybe it’s better to keep our Dutch Lion in F1, where the drivers are already afraid of him on the track.

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