Matt Fitzpatrick reveals more about the secret to his power and his Stack System training method

Now armed to compete with the most powerful players, Matt Fitzpatrick has become one of the best players in the world. His simple swing, his iron precision and his putting are also a model of the genre. They allowed him to win the US Open at Brookline this year.

Who doesn’t remember his second shot at 18 from the fairway bunker on Sunday’s final round of the US Open at Brookline?

9 years after his success in the US Amateur on the same course, Fitzpatrick did it again, this time in major, offering at the same time a first grand slam to his younger brother Billy Foste who nevertheless carried the bag of Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood in the past.

Ahead of the BMW PGA Championship, the Sheffield native revealed how he has improved his long game in 2022. Alongside Shane Lowry, the 28-year-old went into detail about how he trains at home with special equipment.

It’s a weighted club. You can change the masses. Then I use an app on my phone and it tells me what weights to put in, how many swings to do, how many sessions to do

Matt Fitzpatrick.

“I think not only has it helped me get longer, but it has also helped my swing. That’s how I’ve trained the most since the end of 2020. This year was a bit of a click and everything really fell into place. I even hit farther than Rory at 1 today. I was at the bottom of the hill.”

His equipment is called the Stack System, it is a club that uses weights that are stacked. It was created by Sasho Mackenzie, a former Canadian volleyball champion and triple jumper.

This practice club is a shaft that is about the same size as a hybrid. This method is called “overspeed” training. It consists of alternating swings with large masses and others with lighter weights.

In the 2018/2019 season, Fitzpatrick averaged 263 yards. In 2022, his average exceeded 270 meters and that proved to be decisive!

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