Marseille close to closing a sale in defense!

OM Mercato: In search of cash this summer, Olympique de Marseille can still hope for the sale of Luan Peres at Fenerbhace.

OM Mercato: Agreement reached for the transfer of Luan Peres

Olympique de Marseille version Igor Tudor begins to take shape with the arrival of six new reinforcements. Under the leadership of Pablo Longoria, the Marseille club has worked hard to strengthen its workforce for the coming season. However, the Marseille transfer window has come to a halt, because the management of OM is unable to part with some of the players.

Indeed, Olympique de Marseille must sell some elements in order to rebalance its accounts and make room for newcomers. It is in this perspective that the names of Bamba Dieng, Cédric Bakambu, Pol Lirola or even Luan Peres are on the list of potential departures. Regarding the Brazilian defender, the Fenerbahce went on the offensive to recruit him. And if the demands of OM had initially dampened the enthusiasm of the Istanbul leaders, the Turkish journalist, Ertan Süzgün, ensures that negotiations are continuing between the two parties. Better, according to the source, the two teams would have finally managed to reach an agreement of Luan Peres.

OM Mercato: Luan Peres reluctant to bounce back in Turkey

Thus, the management of Fenerbahçe has not let go of the matter and is finally reaching the goal for the transfer of the central defender. If the exact amount of this probable transaction has not been specified by the source, it is clear that OM hopes to receive a nice check on the departure of their player. Arrived last summer, under the Jorge Sampaoli era, Luan Peres is therefore preparing to pack his bags, only one season after his arrival.

Fenerbahçe would now try to find land with the main concerned. And that’s where things get tricky, as the 28-year-old seems reluctant to bounce back in Turkey. Luan Peres has regularly shown its desire to play in the next Champions League under the colors of Marseille. However, the leaders of Fenerbahçe would be very optimistic about the outcome of this deal. OM could thus complete a good sale in the days to come.

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