Marion Rousse, a problem with her ex?

The stage between Carcassonne and Foix was confirmation that Marion Rousse was not comfortable when it came to commenting on Tony Gallopin.

The reputation of Marion Rousse is well established. Passed on the other side of the microphone for almost a decade, the Northerner, who officiates in the comments of the Tour de France at the microphone of France Télévisions, has no equal in recognizing the runners. She demonstrates it at every step. Tuesday, alongside Laurent Jalabert and Alexandre Pasteur, the former champion of France has not been idle.

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The 16e stage was indeed marked by a river breakaway with no less than 28 riders up front and attacks at all costs, whether up front or among the favourites. Hugo Houle’s victory was decided from the start of the Mur de Péguère. Escaped in the descent of the Port de Lers, the Quebecer knew how to resist the runners who set off in pursuit. The first to try to join him at the front of the race was Tony Gallopin, who stayed on his heels for a long time before being caught by several riders including Damiano Caruso, Michael Woods, Michael Storer and Valentin Madouas.

Gallopin escaped? Radio silence by Marion Rousse

And as was already the case during previous stages, Marion Rousse strangely never mentioned the name of Tony Gallopin, unlike his peers Alexandre Pasteur or Laurent Jalabert. Similarly, she conversely cited the names of the other runners who went in pursuit of Hugo Houle. A radio silence about the leader of the Trek-Segafredo who does not fail to challenge. Companion of Julian Alaphilippe since 2020, the former runner shared the life of Tony Gallopin, with whom she was even married for five years before their separation in 2019. This situation does not seem easy to manage for the commentator.

Asked in the Borders podcast, Marion Rousse, on the other hand, assured that she had no problem commenting on the races in which Julian Alaphilippe participates. ” It’s normal actually. For me, that’s not a problem. It’s not difficult, I’ve always had perspective on everything, on all subjects. And suddenly I manage to have a step back in my professional life. And I think that the day when you can no longer have this hindsight, it is probably time to change jobs because it is clearly not compatible”she confided.

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I do not have a choice. When you talk to millions of viewers, you have to be good at what you do, she continued. People must be happy with what you do. You have to do your job at 100%. If you start wanting so-and-so to win or being disgusted in your comments, that’s terrible. People don’t care who you share your life with, it’s not their problem. When they watch TV, it’s not to know what I think of Julian, whether I’m stressed or not. I have to be good. When Julian doesn’t win, I know it’s not easy on the bike. In a career, there are more bad times than good times. I’ve shit on a bike enough to know it won’t win every race. I am not sad for him. »

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