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Full of doubts, Olympique Lyonnais got back on track by winning a deserved victory against Feyenoord Rotterdam (2-0) this Sunday in their penultimate preparation match.

Lacazette put OL on the path.

A week after their rout against Anderlecht (0-3) and the day after the humiliation experienced against Willem II (0-5) with a second team, Olympique Lyonnais raised their heads this Sunday.

OL won a life-saving victory at Feyenoord Rotterdam (2-0) in a warm-up match.

Lacazette’s feat

Due to their high pressing, Les Gones, with their standard team at the time, played on a tightrope at the start of the game. This philosophy allowed them to put pressure on the camp of the finalist of the last Europa League Conference, but the visitors were too rough approaching the surface. Defensively, OL came close to the correctional several times but Toornstra missed his recovery on the biggest Dutch chance.

While the game was very choppy after the cool break, Lacazette woke everyone up by opening the scoring with a missile from 25 meters returned with the help of the post (0-1, 32nd). What purpose ! Under the impetus of an omnipresent Gusto, OL ended this first act well. If Toko-Ekambi missed the target and the break, Reine-Adlade finally doubled the bet from a corner to concretize this highlight (0-2, 45th).

Lyon makes the round back

The debates turned out to be much more balanced when they returned from the locker room and Peter Bosz’s men no longer displayed the same superiority in the game. Due to the technician’s desire to make very few changes, fatigue set in felt more and more over the minutes and Lopes had to work for the first time by preventing Danilo from reducing the score. If Tet, signaled offside, retaliated, OL clearly suffered during the last 20 minutes but held on without conceding any big chances, apart from another save by Lopes in front of Jahanbakhsh. Encouraging before finishing the preparation against Inter Milan next Saturday.

Match score: 5/10

We attended a decent game for a preparation match in the magnificent atmosphere of De Kuip. After a lively start to the game, the game became more choppy, but Lacazette’s superb goal resulted in a pleasant highlight for OL. After a timeout on returning from the locker room, it was Feyenoord who pressed the accelerator at the end of the game. Lots of guesswork on either side but it makes sense at this stage of the season.

The goals :

– Served by Henrique from 25 meters, Lacazette pivots to face the goal and fires a missile from the right which bounces off the ground then the post and leaves Bijlow no chance (0-1, 32nd).
– On a corner hit by Paqueta, Mendes misses his header but it turns into a decisive pass for Reine-Adlade, who finishes at close range (0-2, 45th).

The notes of the Lyonnais

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Thiago Mendes (7/10)

Extended to visibly occupy the position of central defender over time, the Brazilian proved his leaders right in this match. After some delicacies without consequences at the start of the game, the Lyonnais put on the boss’s costume with great solidity in the duels and decisive interventions on several hot balls to allow OL to maintain their advantage when the opponent pushed towards the end. . Strong and involuntary decisive passer as a bonus.


Anthony Lopes (6.5) : hardly worried for 70 minutes, the OL captain had some good outings, then he responded with two decisive saves at the end against Danilo then Jahanbakhsh.

Malo Gusto (6.5) : the right side punctured the screen in the first period. Defensively serious, the Gone made his speed speak to catch up on a few hot duels, but above all he was able to let go of the horses offensively by systematically taking the best of Pedersen to outflank. Twice defeated by Bijlow, the Lyonnais tried hard and displayed impressive activity, before logically slowing down when he returned from the locker room. Tired, he made several recovery errors at the end.

Thiago Mendes (7) : read the comment above.

Castello Lukeba (6) : Seriously, the central defender made a clean and scarless copy. Over the minutes, the Gone however left the costume of boss Mendes, who multiplied the saving interventions and somewhat stole the show.

Henry (5) : without demerit, the left side has again displayed its limits, mainly offensive, and a reminder that it will be difficult to aspire more than a status of lining Tagliafico, in the stands today. A performance despite everything correct defensively, embellished with a pass for Lacazette on his goal.

John Lepenant (5) : the young rookie lived through a particularly complicated first quarter of an hour where she was jostled in the duels and sometimes hesitated to set foot. The defector from Caen was more successful in pulling his pin out of the game afterwards and he notably demonstrated appreciable passing qualities, before being jostled again at the end. But this is how he will learn.

Jeff Reine-Adlade (6.5) : lined up in an unexpected central midfield position, the former Niois pleasantly surprised and displayed a large volume of play. Available, and hardworking in the pressing, the Gone also highlighted his technical qualities on the ball exits. Rewarded with his goal from a corner before the break.

Head (6) : preferred Faivre, the winger spared no effort. On the right side, but not only since he did not hesitate to survey the ground over its entire width. Too bad the Brazilian lacked foresight and accuracy in the last gesture. Replace the 71st minute with Sekou Lega (not not).

Lucas Paqueta (4.5) : mixed game for the attacking midfielder. Defensively, the Brazilian made significant and appreciable efforts. But he has only too rarely allowed his passing quality to be appreciated, as on this opening for Toko-Ekambi, when this is the register in which he is most expected. Nervous, perhaps because of his uncertain future, the former Milanese commits a dangerous tackle on Dilrosun on his return from the locker room. A gesture that would have earned him an expulsion in an official match.

Karl Toko-Ekambi (6) : as often very determined, the Cameroonian winger made a lot of differences at the start of the game on the left side, but he failed to catch the target. Le Gone was then illustrated less positively by his inaccuracies in the area, in particular on a big chance of 2-0 which he did not fit before the break. Replace the 89th minute with Noam Bonnet (not not).

Alexandre Lacazette (7) : his magnificent goal unblocks the situation and puts OL on the right track. In the game, however, the center forward did not have an easy game. Well taken by the opposing defense, the former Gunner had to content himself with playing in deflection, which he did with intelligence. He also gave a lot of voice.

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Feyenoord 0-2 Olympique Lyonnais (mid-time: 0-2) – Friendly match
Stadium : Feijenoord
Goals : Lacazette (32nd), Reine-Adelade (45th) for LYON.
Warnings : Paqueta (52nd) for Lyon.
LYONS: Lopes (c) – Gusto, Lukeba, Mendes, Henrique – Lepenant, Reine-Adlade – Tet (Lega 73rd), Paqueta, Toko Ekambi (Bonnet 89th) – Lacazette.
FEYENOORD: Bijlow – Benita (Kleijn, 63rd), Geertruida (Valk, 72nd), Senesi (Hartman, 62nd), Pedersen (Hall, 46th) – Aursnes (Dermane, 72nd), Kkc (Taabouni, 46th) – Walemark (Boetius, 63rd) , Toornstra (c)(Naujoks, 62nd), Dilrosun (Jahanbakhsh, 63rd) – Danilo (Bassett, 72nd).

VIDEO: the superb Lacazette missile

Lacazette’s inspiration changed everything (0-1, 62nd).

Thiago Mendes made a good copy in central defense.

Unlike Feyenoord, Lyon only made two changes.

Lopes made two decisive saves at the end.


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