Louisville group trying for NBA expansion slows down

Dan Issel no longer draws a paycheck to promote Louisville’s pro basketball possibilities. His contract with NBA2LOU has expired and the Kentucky Legends golf tournament that helped fund his salary has been discontinued, at least temporarily.

After four years of lobbying and no sign of NBA expansion anytime soon, Issel still uses “we” when he speaks of Louisville’s push to land a team, but he senses some “fatigue” in that effort and his cautious optimism has recently given way to resignation .

“We did everything we could possibly do, but we can’t make the NBA expand,” the Hall of Fame hoops star said. “I would say right now we’re just treading water.”

Issel and NBA2LOU board chairman Steve Higdon both said they had found financial backing for an expansion fee expected to exceed $1.5 billion. Louisville attorney J. Bruce Miller, who has been trying to bring a team to town for 45 years, said his independent initiative has elicited interest from three of America’s 25 wealthiest individuals.

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