Longtime sports radio host says 49ers flee to Rich Eisen

There have been plenty of takes regarding the quarterback drama surrounding the San Francisco 49ers, but one take in particular caught the attention of Bay Area sports radio veteran Larry Krueger this week as being just a bit Also on the spot.

The take in question came via a selectively edited clip from “The Rich Eisen Show,” where Eisen said San Francisco should answer calls about quarterback Trey Lance if Brock Purdy fully recovers from his elbow injury. and get back in shape.

“If Purdy starts throwing now, and he starts showing up, and he can go to training camp, and they look at him and say, ‘Oh, he looks like the kid from the last year “and he’s not sitting there with his arm in the ice, and he’s doing what he has to do in training camp, and he’s doing what he has to do in the first preseason game , then he’s your man,” Eisen said on Tuesday’s show.

“Then all of a sudden they’ll be taking calls for Lance again,” Eisen continued. “He’s the guy. Because he’s the one with a fifth-year option that’s going to explode. And if the Niners want to send him somewhere else so they don’t have to deal with him and make that decision after barely seeing him, let someone else deal with him.

It should be noted that this clip was less than a minute of a much longer segment featuring Eisen talking about Niners quarterbacks.

Krueger, who spoke sports at KNBR for more than 25 years, suggested thursday that NFL Network’s Rich Eisen has 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch right in his ear regarding the Niners’ quarterback situation this coming season.

“Eisen clearly has a pipeline to the #49ers front office,” Krueger, 53, tweeted. “He’s a big Lynch/Shanahan fan. I don’t remember him ever criticizing either guy. He just laid out their QB game plan and thinking. What- what do you think? Does Rich have that much information about each team’s positional battles or is he repeating what they told him?”

It doesn’t matter that Eisen is a professional football connoisseur (and has been for most of his life) – there’s still little in Eisen’s take that indicates the Niners are giving him details of their plans at the quarterback this season. Minutes before the clip began, Eisen noted, “For me, the best case scenario for San Francisco is Brock Purdy being the guy,” indicating that this is just speculation. He then followed up with a heap of compliments on Lance, saying he thought he had the “biggest advantage” in the Niners’ quarterback room.

In the last part before the start of the Twitter clip, Eisen points out that Purdy’s seventh-round deal is more favorable to the Niners than Trey Lance’s first-round deal because Purdy’s deal is much cheaper. SO the clip starts.

Everything Eisen notes is familiar enough to any big football fan, let alone someone who covers the sport for a living. Plus, Eisen actually already said the Niners should not trade Lance for the sake of trading him before the draft considering all the injuries last year. Even here, he’s just suggesting the Niners take calls — something any team with that kind of quarterback probably should do.

If Eisen got the big insider information that Kruger claims to be, he’d likely share much more interesting information, like when Purdy is sure to return, or if the No. 2 spot goes to Lance or Sam Darnold. Instead, we just got some speculation from a longtime professional football watcher, who is clearly so good at his job that his opinions sound like Niners trade secrets for people who jump to conclusions based on facts. Twitter clips.

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