Longoria wants to be loaned a serial Argentinian scorer?

Pablo Longoria seems to be preparing a possible departure from Arek Milik. The summer transfer window could once again be very active, and the president of OM would have an idea to recover a scorer in great shape…

This season, OM have relied on Arek Milik and Bamba Dieng to occupy the forefront of the attack, then on Cédric Bakambu from the winter transfer window. The first two are not certain to stay in Marseille and Longoria is active in strengthening this position. Mohamed Ali Cho is already a first option for this position, the names of Giovanni Simeone, Sékou Mara and Hwang Ui-Jo have also been mentioned…

Longoria would like to be loaned Julian Alvarez?

But Pablo Longoria would also have another idea, he could try to take advantage of Pep Guardiola’s plethoric squad to loan out a high-caliber striker. Because if Manchester City recently offered Erling Haaland, the English club had already recruited Julian Alvarez, the nugget of River Plate. According to FootMercato, “Olympique de Marseille would like to be loaned the Argentinian international. In search of reinforcements, the team chaired by Pablo Longoria would like to offer the jewel of the Albiceleste to its trainer, Jorge Sampaoli. At this time, this is just an interest and no offers have been made. »

Ferran Soriano had already confided at the end of May that clubs were interested in a loan: “We had plenty of offers for Julian Alvarez, but he’s not going to leave. He will do the preseason with us and I think he will stay. To be continued…

I think he can start ahead of Milik — Germain

With an assist and a goal, he is the man of the match for many football observers. Florent Germain, correspondent in Marseille for RMC, appreciated the performance of the Senegalese. He goes further by saying that he is the best Marseille striker in the final sprint!

“In the match against Lorient, Bamba Dieng is the boss. Already he is not a starter, he has the strength of character to enter the match, to replace Bakambu quickly injured. He is a scorer, a decisive passer… Despite everything, he has this ability to create chances in a style that ultimately we don’t have too much at OM. A little info that we slipped into the After is that Sampaoli felt he lacked a direct style of depth and Dieng brings that. This is the bet that could have been a winner in Rotterdam if he had materialized even just one more chance. The match would have been quite different, his record in the European Cup also if he puts another goal on the three or four chances he has in the Netherlands. There for once, he offers a different profile that Milik does not have but that a 100% Bakambu could have had but we know that he is not. Bamba Dieng, I ask the question but he is perhaps OM’s best striker in this final sprint. If we have a Milik who comes back, maybe Bamba Dieng, if he has no physical problem, I think he can start ahead of Milik. » Florent Germain – Source: After Marseilles (09/05/22)

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