LIVE – PSG: “It doesn’t bother me”, assures Galtier about the rumors about his succession

The PSG group with many absentees

For the trip to Strasbourg this Saturday, PSG will have to deal with many absentees. Marquinhos, Ekitike and Fabian Ruiz join the injured. To compensate, Galtier called on many young people: Nhaga, Gharbi and Lamy. Verratti, Mbappé and Messi are present.

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Galtier revived on his future: “We are working on next season”

“We are working on next season. Fortunately! What will happen at the end of the season, you don’t know. But still happy that the club is working on what the squad should be next season. “

“Everyone is working on the logistics, what needs to be improved, how we will get our bearings at the new training center and how the club can improve the squad.”

Galtier on what PSG lacks to win the C1

“Each start of the season, you media make favorites for the last four of the Champions League. There is only one team that can go all the way. This year, we saw that there had been surprises. No one would have imagined such a course for such and such a team. To win the C1, you have to be in good shape in February-March, and we were not. Important players were absent from these matches. .”

Galtier on his future

“I am in permanent contact with Luis Campos. I see my president very often. We haven’t talked about next season. does not disturb me at all. There is what you write and what I live on a daily basis.”

Galtier on fan criticism

“I understand the remarks and the criticisms. We had defeats at home where our games were not good. When taking stock, it will be necessary to analyze in what state we recovered the squad after the World Cup Tomorrow, there will be eight players absent, this is the story of a very special season, with a very compact start to the season. We will take stock very precisely. I hear and accept the comments and criticisms , but I also watch all the European championships and I realize that everyone had a bad patch. For us, it happened at a crucial moment, with Bayern Munich in C1 and OM in the Coupe de France .”

Galtier announces that Housni will be available to the U19s

The young Parisians face OM in the semi-final of the French championship on Sunday at 4 p.m.

What grade for the PSG season?

Galtier: “I leave it to you to note, you are used to it. We are not at the time of the assessment. We have control over the trophy but we are not yet champions. We will take stock after the last two games.”

Galtier’s praise for Messi

“I won’t talk about last season. I can talk about what we’ve been through together since the start of the season. He’s been flawless throughout the season in his investment. Leo is football, I’ve seen it every day in training and in games. He has very interesting stats. I hear the remarks and criticisms, but when you have just had a season like his, it is for me a performance. I find that he is having a very good season. People always expect a lot more, but it was much better than last season.”

Galtier on the championship title

“At the moment we are not champions. I hope we will be tomorrow night.”

End of season confirmed for Fabian Ruiz, Marquinhos and Ekitiké absent against Strasbourg

PSG communicated its medical point before the trip to Strasbourg (Saturday at 9 p.m.). Fabian Ruiz (right adductor) will not play again before the end of the season, while Marquinhos (right adductor) and Hugo Ekitiké (hamstring) are out for Saturday.

End of season for Fabian Ruiz?

Released during the match against Auxerre last weekend, Fabian Ruiz has little chance of playing again this season when there are two games left at PSG, according to our information. He is forfeited for the trip to Strasbourg (Saturday at 9 p.m.) and should not play against Clermont (Saturday June 3), except surprise. The midfielder has a muscle tear in his thigh.

Hugo Ekitike, when to him, has an inflammation at the level of the ischio. He will probably be rested this weekend and should take part in the last match of the season at the Parc des Princes.

Fabrice Hawkin

The Collectif Ultras Paris shared this weekend between Strasbourg and Orléans

This weekend will take place the semi-final of the U19 championship with a clash on Sunday in Orléans between PSG and OM. For the occasion, 500 supporters of Collectif Ultras Paris will make the trip! The day before, Christophe Galtier’s men will travel to Strasbourg for the penultimate day of Ligue 1. For the time being, around 150 members of the CUP have planned to go there. That could go up to 300 by tomorrow. It remains to be seen what the celebrations will be in the event of the 11th title of champion of France. For the time being, nothing has yet been acted upon by the main group of supporters.

Arthur Parrot

The search for his successor, the transfer window … Galtier faced with questions

Christophe Galtier should again be questioned about his very uncertain future on the PSG bench despite a current contract until 2024. According to information from RMC Sport, the Parisian leaders are studying several avenues to succeed him this summer, including that leading to Xabi Alonso (Bayer Leverkusen).

In recent weeks, Galtier has always publicly assured that he was preparing for next season in Paris.

The club is also active in the player market with talks for Sporting midfielder Manuel Ugarte and defender Lucas Hernandez (Bayern Munich).

PSG champion if…

Leader of the championship with six points ahead of Lens two days from the end, PSG will be crowned champions on Saturday if:

– he does not lose in Strasbourg

– or if he loses but Lens does not beat Ajaccio

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