Les Bleues with the same eleven against Germany at the Euro, unless Bacha enters

True to her line, Corinne Deacon did not want to reveal her plans before the semi-final against Germany on Wednesday evening (9 p.m.). She confused the tracks on her starting lineup, even announcing at the microphone of Canal + that her team was going to have a face ” different “ of that against the Netherlands, in the quarter-finals on Saturday (1-0 ap). An affirmation to be taken with a grain of salt, as always with the coach, since she will announce the final composition to her players during the chat in Milton Keynes.

The main lines are known. The Mbock-Renard axis will continue, quarterback scorer Ève Périsset was able to train normally on Tuesday despite an adductor alert against the Dutch and will be able to hold her place on the right, while Sakina Karchaoui should keep her place in the left lane . In the middle, the Geyoro-Bilbault-Toletti trio are to be renewed, with Clara Mateo as the number one option to come in and stir up trouble in the German defence.

Bacha in balance with Malard?

In attack, on the other hand, a vagueness remains. As during Monday’s session behind closed doors, the coach blurred the tracks with the followers and her team, with rotating chasubles and different associations.

The priority option is to see the Diani-Malard-Cascarino trio established again, since Melvine Malard seems the best solution at the peak since Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s package. But the entry of Selma Bacha did so much good against the Netherlands that Deacon could be tempted to throw her from the start, rather on the offensive left wing, even if she also remains Karchaoui’s understudy and can represent a side option.

If we consider that Kadidiatou Diani and Delphine Cascarino are the only two safe bets in front, Bacha’s tenure in attack would certainly involve the benching of Malard, the passage of Diani up front and Cascarino on the right. Either the trio in place at the time of the goal against the Netherlands. Unless Cascarino’s one hundred and twenty minutes of playing time on Saturday decide the staff to keep her as a joker on this half.


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