Lens and Strasbourg resist 10, Clermont and Lorient win

It’s over in Clermont!

It’s over in Clermont as on the other three lawns of this multiplex of the 6th day of Ligue 1. The Auvergnats win against Toulouse thanks to goals from Gonalons and Cham (2-0).

Cham shelters Clermont

Clermont is safe and leads by two goals thanks to Mohamed Cham’s goal at the end of added time.

Lorient wins in Ajaccio

The Hakes continue to impress. They won on the lawn of Ajaccio thanks to a goal from Ouattara (1-0).

Reims and Lens part in a draw

Reims and Lens leave with a draw (1-1). The Sang et Or and Openda responded to a goal from Folarin Balogun despite being outnumbered after Machado was sent off after the hour mark.

It’s over in Brest

Brest and Strasbourg leave on a draw (1-1) despite a numerical inferiority on the side of the Alsatians after the exclusion of Prcic in the first period. Ludovic Ajorque and Pierre Lees-Melou were the scorers.

Pentz saves Reims

What an opportunity for a double for Openda who took over in first intention in the penalty area on a cross from the left but Pentz made a superb save.

Belaïli close to scoring

After a good job from Honorat who crosses at the far post, Youcef Belaïli takes a volley but just misses the target of Sels.

What a stop from Bizot

Strasbourg was close to snatching victory. Diallo finds Gameiro at the far post. The former Parisian applies but Bizot makes a world class save.

Ajaccio grows

The Corsicans are putting pressure on the Lorient people who are still leading by the smallest of margins thanks to Dango Ouattara.

Mory Diaw disgusts Van Den Boomen

Van Den Boomen seeks the skylight of Mory Diaw but the Clermont doorman makes an exceptional stop allowing the Clermontois to stay in front against Toulouse.

What an exceptional occasion in Reims

Center on a bicycle for a resumption of Gravel on a bicycle but Samba makes a superb save. What an exceptional action.

Lens equalize thanks to Openda

Loïs Openda allows Lens to equalize following a good delivery from Florian Sotoca. The Blood and Gold are, however, reduced to 10.

Pentz sets on the center of Boura

Boura overflows on the left side for Lens and crosses but Pentz anticipated well and seized the ball.

Lees-Melou close to a double

After a free kick badly repelled by the defense of Strasbourg, Pierre Lees-Melou carries out a chained control of a recovery which is deflected and which ends in the small nets of Matt Sels.

Seidu is warned

The Ghanaian defender from Clermont will end the match against Toulouse with a yellow card.

Balogun for the opener

Who else but Folarin Balogun to open the scoring for Reims? Doumbia perfectly serves the striker on loan from Arsenal who finishes perfectly.

Double chance for Reims

Just after the Lensois red, Flips tries a free kick but the northern wall pushes back towards Gravillon who strikes in first intention but his shot is not on target.

Machado is excluded

For a foul that destroyed a goal opportunity, Machado is excluded.

The center of Diallo is too fleeing

Diallo eliminates on the right side and center but this one is too elusive.

Change for Lorient

Ibrahima Koné gives way to Stéphane Diarra.

Openda tries the dive

Loïs Openda tries a subtle dive on Pentz but the Reims goalkeeper had replaced himself.

Touzghar enters

Touzghar enters the game in place of Botue.

Dossou struggles to get up

Jodel Dossou struggles to get up. The game is interrupted between Clermont and Toulouse.

Lorient opens the scoring

It is activated on the lawns of Ligue 1. After the opening of the score of Clermont; Lorient imitates them thanks to Ouattara.

The post for Lens

Lens hits the post after a failed tackle from Gravillon through Perreira Da Costa.

Gonalons’ goal is validated

The former Lyonnais unlocks his counter with Clermont. He was well placed to push the ball into the back of the net.

Gonalons opens the scoring but it’s disallowed

Maxime Gonalons thinks he opens the scoring for Clermont against Toulouse but the flag goes up for an offside position.

Locko gets a yellow

The midfielder of Reims takes the first yellow card of the second period of this match between Reims and Lens after a sole on Frankowski.

It starts again on the four lawns

Here we go again for this second period of this multiplex of the 6th day of Ligue 1.

It’s halftime on the four lawns

End of the first period on all the lawns of this multiplex of the 6th day of Ligue 1. There are only draws.

Aboukhal tries to conclude

Zakaria Aboukhal tackles to deceive Mory Diaw and give Toulouse the advantage on the lawn of Clermont but the Clermont defense saves its goalkeeper.

Bellegarde’s free kick ends up in the net

On a free kick near the Brest surface, Jean-Ricner Bellegarde strikes but his attempt ends up in the small net of Bizot.

Julien Stephan is excluded

The Strasbourg coach will watch the second half of this match from the stands. He took a second yellow after disputes.

Still Vidal

Clément Vidal once again got the better of the Lorient defense but the Ajaccio defender lacked precision with his header.

Openda is still dangerous

He is the most dangerous man in this Reims-Lens with Balogun. Lois Openda controls in the area and continues with a shot but the target is missed.

What an opportunity for Ajorque

Ludovic Ajorque is served at the far post. The Strasbourg striker makes a diving header but misses the target. Brest was hot.

What an opportunity for Openda

Openda is well served in the penalty area and takes a volley but the Reims rear guard is present to counter.

Balogun’s strike is too crossed

The Reims striker tries his luck in a complicated angle but manages to be dangerous. Fortunately for Samba the ball is too crossed.

Nice strike from Openda

Openda takes its chance from outside the area against Pentz but the shot from the Lensois escapes the frame by a few centimeters.

Mory Diaw intervenes

After a nice outside kick from Dejaegere, Diaw flies away and captures the ball. Toulouse continues to push against Clermont.

Prcic is excluded

A lot is happening in this Brest-Strasbourg. The middle of Strasbourg is excluded after a big sole on Magnetti.

Le Goff tries his luck

The Lorient defender takes his chance but his shot is pushed back by the Ajaccio goalkeeper.

Ajorque transforms

Ludovic Ajorque does not tremble and transforms the penalty by taking Bizot on the wrong foot.

Penalty for Strasbourg

The Alsatians get a penalty thanks to Diarra who provoked Dari in the Brest area.

Strasbourg grows

Since the start of the match and despite Brest opening the score, Strasbourg has dominated.

Kyei is warned

The center forward of Clermont receives a yellow after an aerial duel with Nicolaisen.

Desler’s shot goes over

The Toulouse side strikes after a corner badly repelled by the Clermont defense but his attempt flies away.

Vidal’s header passes overhead

Thomas Mangani finds Clément Vidal at the far post on a free kick but the Ajaccien defender does not find the target.

Welcome back from Djiku

After a cross from Perreira Lage towards Honorat, Djiku comes back well and makes a good defensive tackle.

What Balogun Number

Folarin Balogun is launched in depth and plays with Gradit before striking but Samba is vigilant and makes a good save.

Lopy gets up with difficulty

The middle of Reims gets up with difficulty after a slip and pain in the left shoulder.

Corner for Lens

The Lensois go on the attack and obtain a corner against Reims in a very warm atmosphere where many Lensois supporters are present in Delaune.

Lees-Melou gives Brest the lead

Pierre Lees-Melou opens the scoring for Brest on a loss of ball in the axis.

Mangani tries out

Thomas Mangani tries his luck from outside the box but he can’t find the target and doesn’t worry Mvogo.

The rain is falling hard over Brest

This Brest-Strasbourg takes place in pouring rain.

Dallinga touches wood

Barely a minute of play and Toulouse is dangerous with the bar of Dallinga after a superb combination in the heart of the game.

It left on the four lawns

Let’s go for this multiplex of the 6th day of Ligue 1.

Meetings start in 15 minutes

The multiplex of this 6th day of Ligue 1 will start in fifteen minutes.

3,500 Lensois are expected in Reims

The atmosphere could be electric in Reims where 3,500 Lensois supporters are expected to fill the stands of the Auguste Delaune stadium. Many jerseys of the blood and gold club were seen around the Reims enclosure while a prefectural decree prohibited it.

The composition of Lorient

Here is the composition of the Merlus with the serial scorer Terem Moffi: Mvogo – Kalulu, Laporte, Talbi, Le Goff – Le Bris, Abergel (cap), Le Fée, Ouattara – Moffi, Koné.

The composition of Ajaccio

Here is the Corsican starting lineup without much surprise: Leroy – Youssouf, Gonzalez, Vidal, Diallo – Nouri, Mangani, Botue, Spadanuda – Laci, El Idrissy.

The composition of Lens

Here is the Lensois starting lineup without Fofana on the bench: Samba – Gradit, Danso, Medina – Frankowski, Abdul Samed, Poręba, Haïdara – Pereira Da Costa – Sotoca, Openda

The composition of Reims

Here is Oscar Garcia’s starting XI with the Ito-Balogun duo on the attacking front: Pentz – Gravillon, Agbadou, Abdelhamid – Busi, Munetsi, Flips, Locko – Lopy – Ito, Balogun

The starting lineup of Stade Brestois

Here is the composition of Brest without Belaili but with Slimani: Bizot – Duverne, Chardonnet, Dari, Brassier – Belkebla, Magnetti, Lees Melou – Honorat, Slimani, Perreira-Lage

The composition of Strasbourg

The Strasbourg eleven with the tenure of Colin Dagba: Sels – Pierre-Gabriel, Le Marchand, Djiku – Dagba, Ahoulou, Bellegarde, Prcic – Diarra – Ajorque, Diallo

The composition of Clermont

Here is the Clermont composition with a reworked attack: Diaw – Seidu, Wieteska, Caufriez, Neto – Gonalons, Gastien – Bela, Dossou, Allevinah – Kyei

The composition of Toulouse

The Toulouse eleven without surprise: Dupé – Desler, Rouault, Costa, Aboukhlal – Spierings, van den Boomen – Begraoui, Dejaeghere, Ratão – Dallinga

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