LeBron James on realizing he ‘doesn’t give a f–k’ what people think

LeBron James has been through it all in what has been an iconic career in the NBA. He has played varying roles in the league, from being the young protege, to emerging as Public Enemy No. 1, and now becoming the highly-respected “old man.” Through it all, the four-time NBA champ has learned more than a few valuable lessons.

One of the most important learnings LeBron has had in the two decades he’s been in the league is how to live a more carefree life. James admitted that early on, he put a lot of stock in what everyone thought of him. That all changed when he made the big move to join the Miami Heat in 2010.

In a recent episode of The Shop, LeBron was asked if he has any misgivings about taking the final shot during a game. James responded in all honesty, saying that this is no longer a concern for him at all at this point in his career (h/t CltuchPoints on Twitter):

“Maybe when I was younger because I cared about what everybody else thought,” LeBron said. “I don’t give af–k now.

“It probably changed to me about 25. I spent like seven years [in Cleveland] and then I went to Miami that first year and everything was about still what everybody else thought. Then I was literally just like, ‘I don’t give af–k what nobody think. I’m him.’”

LeBron James is indeed him. He’s one of the greatest players to ever pick up a basketball and he’s continuing to build on his legacy to this very day. At this point, it’s only right that he follows his own heart without having to worry about what other people might say about it. He’s definitely earned every right to do so.

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