Lakers’ biggest rival is potentially paving the way for Kyrie Irving to LA

Trading Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving is the number one thing the Los Angeles Lakers can do this offseason. While things were looking really promising, trade talks did stall as the Brooklyn Nets (rightfully) prioritized finding a suitor for Kevin Durant.

The Durant market seemed drier than expected, which opened the door for the Nets not to trade Durant and simply try to make it work with him and Kyrie next season. That would have forced the Lakers to look at other options.

However, things have since heated up as the Boston Celtics have entered the trade market for Durant. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski first reported that Boston was interested late Sunday night while Shams Charania of The Athletic reported on Monday morning that Boston offered a trade package centered around Jaylen Brown and picks.

There is obviously genuine interest there for the Celtics and you cannot blame them. After falling just short of winning it all last season, adding a generational superstar like Durant could push the team over the edge.

At this rate, Boston kind of has to make the deal as Jaylen Brown might not be the happiest guy if he has to return to Boston. Brown has already talked about Celtics fans before and his cryptic tweet on Monday morning says it all.

By trading for Kevin Durant, the Boston Celtics would help the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is bittersweet for Lakers fans as on one hand the Celtics would undeniably be getting better and their chances of winning the NBA Finals next season would go up. On the other hand, if they are the only team interested enough in making a KD trade then they are the key to the Lakers getting Kyrie Irving.

And of course, the only way that the Lakers can contend for a title next season is if they not only get Westbrook off the roster but also can bring in an all-star guard to replace him.

If anything, this potential Kevin Durant trade for the Celtics could set up really interesting theater. It would eventually lead to an Irving trade and who knows, perhaps the two most storied franchises in the NBA could meet up in the NBA Finals once more.

Not only would the rivalry make it a must-see NBA Finals, but the dynamic of Kyrie Irving vs. Kevin Durant would add that extra wrinkle.

We never thought we would say this but Lakers fans should be rooting for the Boston Celtics to trade for Kevin Durant.

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