LACFD supervisor knew having Kobe Bryant’s crash photos was problematic and urged everyone to delete them

NOTnew details have emerged during Thursday’s hearing in Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit against Los Angeles County for the gruesome pictures they took of her husband and daughter’s remains at the crash site, which caused her severe emotional distress.

Kobe Bryant’s widow is expected to take the stand this Friday and give her testimony.

LACFD supervisor wanted the Kobe Bryant’s crash photos to be deleted

Los Angeles County Fire Department’s official Sky Cornell, who worked under the public information officer Anthony Joseph “Tony” Imbrenda at the time of the crash, tested in short that one of his bosses referenced the photos as ‘plutonium’ and urged everyone to delete them.

“That stuff is plutonium. If you have any, you should get rid of them”, Imbrenda told Cornell.

He added that Imbrenda received the images and he’d later seen them on a supervisor’s phone while they were at a ceremony weeks later.

When it was clear that the pictures were being shared amongst the officials, the supervisors told everybody to delete them as soon as possibleaccording to Cornell.

LACFD official admits to taking Kobe Bryant’s crash photos as evidence

LACFD official, Arlin Kahan testified that he was the one that took the photos of Kobe Bryant’s crash scene to send them to Imbrenda, and claims that he did it with the sole purpose of documenting the incident rather tan take pictures of human remains.

He added that his intention was to delete the graphic evidence once the investigation had concluded


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