Kombouaré knocked out LOSC, reprisals in sight with Blas?

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Antoine Kombouaré may be getting older and a few wrinkles, he still can’t keep his tongue in his pocket. Yesterday, the FC Nantes coach took out the sulphur to knock out LOSC about the possible departure of Ludovic Blas to Lille on this summer transfer window.

“Today, I have 4 forwards. We would have 8, maybe I would say why not (give it up). Do you think I’m working to diminish my team, to put my group in difficulty? For me, Blas is a veto, he railed yesterday at a press conference. Sportingly, it is unthinkable to see him leave and even less in Lille. If that is the case. This is not a sports project. They finished 10th behind us and above all they do not make the European Cup. You have to explain to me. L’Équipe, in its edition of the day, let it be known that those around Blas are surprised by the words of Kombouaré, who had granted him an exit voucher this summer.

If the Canaries striker, fully charged, should play well against OM tomorrow (9 p.m.), the manly attitude of the Kanak technician could therefore lead to some reprisals from his clan. “Not seeing the arrival of reinforcements, Kombouaré clings to Blas. But by retaining him in this way when the conditions have been met for a departure, he can also lose him, ”suggests the sports daily. Thesis also defended by insider Emmanuel Merceron: “Oh the tackle! Be careful not to leave traces. You shoot Lille, you shoot the choice of Blas and therefore his entourage who advise him. Ouch! “Will this little glitch in Kombouaré’s communication be prohibitive? Will Lille let go of the Blas cluster out of respect for the FCN coach? By September 1, the questions are legion.

to summarize

Very offensive towards LOSC Thursday noon at a press conference due to the possible departure of Ludovic Blas in the North for the summer transfer window, FC Nantes coach Antoine Kombouaré may have gone too far in his remarks.

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