Knicks can’t afford to lose RJ Barrett in possible Donovan Mitchell trade

The New York Knicks are interested in landing three-time All-Star Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. The Knicks would obviously have to put together a lucrative deal, mostly centered around picks, but some of their youth would certainly have to be included in the trade.

It is very important that New York doesn’t make the mistake of including rising star RJ Barrett in a trade for the Jazz guard. Barrett is considered to be one of the most valued young players across the league and he makes sense as he is only 22.

The former No. 3 overall pick is coming off a terrific third year in the NBA. About midway through last season, Barrett took a bigger step, as his scoring increased. AfterJan. 1, Barrett averaged 23.6 points per game.

On top of that, Barrett also had the most 30-point games among players younger than 22, as he did it 11 times. Anthony Edwards, Jalen Green, and Tyrese Maxey are some of the notable players on that list.

He has also been very durable throughout his career, as he rarely misses time, along with averaging 33.5 minutes a game. This upcoming season is a big one for Barrett, as he will be looking to take an even bigger role on the team.

Although Mitchell is a talented star that the Knicks should still try to acquire, they shouldn’t include their own young star.

New York should bring in Donovan Mitchell to pair him with RJ Barrett

If New York is able to acquire Mitchell from Utah, then New York could potentially have one of the most dangerous pairings in the Eastern Conference.

Barrett is only getting better and is already a threat in this league. If he were to play alongside Mitchell, he could develop into the All-Star that many players around the league believe that he can be.

This offseason, all the attention around the Knicks has been around the signing of former Dallas Maverick Jalen Brunson, as well as the potential acquisition of Mitchell.

The national media has included Barrett in potential trade packages for the Jazz guard as if he isn’t a player that New York highly values.

Barrett is a very hard worker and he has a desire to get better. He even expressed his goals to continue to improve, as well as what he is working on to achieve more success in the upcoming season.

If Barrett turns into the player that fans expect him to be, and New York acquires Mitchell, then they could soon be a title contender. They already have Brunson, who is going to be a very reliable point guard for at least the next four years with the Knicks.

Barrett has all the tools to become an X-factor in the NBA and it’s essential that the Knicks avoid including him in a deal for Mitchell.

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