Kita’s response to Kombouaré’s highly commented comments

After the coronation of FC Nantes on Saturday in the Coupe de France, Canaris coach Antoine Kombouaré maintained the vagueness about his future, and spoke of a complicated relationship with his president Waldemar Kita. But this Sunday, the leader was careful not to throw oil on the fire, by rather welcoming the work of the technician.

He didn’t particularly have an announcement to make, but he wanted to talk. Without getting upset, just enjoying the moment. While FC Nantes won the fourth French Cup in its history against Nice on Saturday evening, its president Waldemar Kita held a press conference this Sunday evening – while the players presented the trophy to the supporters – to react to this small event. , and scan various topics. What give him the opportunity to react to the very commented exit of his trainer Antoine Kombouaré.

In the bowels of the Stade de France, the Nantes technician maintained the vagueness about his future on Saturday, evoking his complex relationship with the president. “I don’t know, it’s still undecided (for next year), slipped the Kanak. We can have relationship problems with management, and I have them too. The daily relationship with the president n It’s not easy. (…) It’s true that under Kita’s presidency it wasn’t easy for the supporters. They did like me, they compartmentalized. I don’t always get on very well well with the president. But I put aside and what interests me is to wear the colors of FC Nantes high.”

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“He has the right to say what he wants”

What does Kita think of this slightly muscular outing, in a joyful moment? “I have nothing to say, it is normal for everyone to ask questions, and for him to have this reflection, it is even intelligent on his part, launched the leader this Sunday, avoiding to throw adding fuel to the fire. Afterwards, I think that today we have given all the means to make it succeed. On a daily basis, he works with Franck (Kita) and Philippe Mao. If things go badly, we have to he talks to them, if it goes well he has to talk to me (smile) and if it’s dramatic then I’ll come and help.”

Above all, Kita recalled that his coach is still linked to FC Nantes until 2023. “He (Kombouaré) still has a year of contract, at his request. Let’s not argue. Let’s try to do an analysis at the end of the season. I’m the one who brought him in. Each has his own personality, each has his character. There’s a great job being done, it would be a shame to kill him. Is his nomination my best decision? There were several good decisions: Sergio Conceiçao was one, Claudio Ranieri too…”

And to conclude: “I haven’t read all the newspapers, you know, I’ve been told about it like that (about Kombouaré’s remarks). Honestly, I want for 24 or 48 hours to be positive. (… ) We’ll see at the end of the season. He has the right to say what he wants, he’s a free boy. Like me, I have the right to tell you that I’m happy with the way things are going .”

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