Kevin Durant trades to Heat will be ‘trouble’ for the NBA

Former NBA player Jalen Rose believes a Kevin Durant trade to the Miami Heat could be the beginning of an end for the rest of the league.

Speaking on get-up on Monday, Rose highlighted that the “league is in trouble” if Durant teams up with Jimmy Butler in Miami. After all, not only is he going to play alongside a hardworking superstar who has eyes on the NBA title, but he’ll also be under a proven coach and a successful franchise who knows how to build teams.

“The league is in trouble because the greatness of KD now gets elevated with the best coach in the NBA. … So to put KD with that group of leadership and now all of a sudden, the hunger that he has for a franchise that has won championship before he got there in the Miami Heat, I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for him to further his career.”

True enough, it’s easy to see where Jalen Rose is coming from. Imagine what a duo of Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler could do to offenses. They’ll be a problem for defenses while also making life hard on the other end for their opponents.

The Heat have been interested in a Durant trade ever since the superstar forward requested a move away from the Brooklyn Nets. While no deal is imminent, Miami is said to be focused on pursuing him and doing everything they can to bring him to the South Beach franchise.

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