Kevin Durant on fire in Monaco!

While Monaco faced Olympiacos in a knife match on the Rock this Friday evening, a certain Kevin Durant landed in the room, to the surprise of many spectators. The icing on the cake of a pretty crazy evening in the Principality…

It was neither expected nor announced, and yet. Kevin Durant, freshly eliminated from the playoffs after a scathing sweep from Boston, showed up in Monaco this Friday evening. It was more precisely at the Gaston-Médecin room that the unpredictable KD went, and for good reason: the Monegasque Roca Team faced Olympiacos in a match 4 which smelled of powder in the quarter-finals of the playoffs of the Euroleague.

Kevin Durant fully in front of the Roca Team match!

No one knows if the former Warriors player is vacationing in the area, but one thing is certain: he came to support his great friend Mike James, who passed through the Nets last year and with whom he has kept strong ties. . So inevitably, each basket of the leader was a source of happiness for Durant:

In a knife game, and with 18 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists from James, Monaco won on the wire (78-77). It is therefore a game 5, decisive in this series in the best of 5 rounds, which awaits the team of Sasa Obradovic.

KD did not fail to celebrate heartily at the final buzzer, relieved to see his friend triumph. What to attract the sardonic tweet of a user:

Kevin Durant celebrates his first playoff win of 2022…

Released from his obligations in the NBA, Kevin Durant made a very remarkable visit to the Gaston-Médecin room. The great orange ball enthusiast that he is enjoyed the show, his great friend won, and the presence of KD gave visibility to the competition. In short, all good!

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