Kawasaki Frontale – PSG LIVE: Paris tests itself in Japan… Follow the match live

17th : Marcinho who crunches in front of Donnarumma! He had gone alone behind Hakimi, probably gone mussel fishing. But his open-footed shot in the box was a draw/20.

15th : Neymar takes his chance at 20-25 meters and looks for the opposite skylight… He will find the athletics track. The Worlds are in the States, not in Japan, Ney.

14th: Things are heating up in the Japanese area! Mbappé shifts Messi who shifts Hakimi, whose shot is diverted for a corner. Again, that does nothing.

13th : It does nothing. A little soft at the moment, all that. The climate is hot and heavy, that is important.

12th : Combination between Mendes, Messi and Mbappé. Corner for PSG.

11th : Gueye it’s not really that. Galatasaray level, I would say.

9th: Neymar’s powerful strike! It is repelled by the opposing goalkeeper. First opportunity worthy of the name for PSG.

8th : Good outing from Donnarumma outside his area, he had to dare, the Italian did it.

6th : It was enough to open it for the Portuguese to offer a gift to the Kawasaki attack. Fortunately Kimpembe is very authoritarian and pulls out a boss tackle.

5th : As a portista by birth, I know Vitinha like the back of my hand, but I hope you didn’t need more than 5 minutes to understand that it’s a little crackito.

3rd : But why neither Messi nor Neymar make the pass to Hakimi? It’s driving me crazy, we’re going back to the same basics as last year on the PSG side. There was a situation of counter with a perfect placement of the Moroccan on his right, but no, the Argentinian and the Brazilian are stubborn in the axis.

2nd : Heavy pressing from the Japanese team, Ramos does not panic and gets a goal clearance. Note that the lawn looks cool and that we start on a stadium with an athletics track, which is not great for the realization but I like it. It makes me nostalgic for old stadiums.

1st: Let’s goiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

12:25 p.m. : Stadium full to bursting, it almost excuses the execrable carbon footprint of this summer tour of PSG (no).

12:20 p.m.: Only ten minutes left before kick-off! The composition of PSG

Vitinha is a good starter!

11 a.m.: Yo footix! So we are in need of club football, we absolutely want our dose of PSG? Members of the Minutos hill, rest assured, in a burst of magnanimity we took the decision to deliver Paris Saint-Germain’s preparation match against Kawasaki Frontale, as part of Christophe Galtier’s men’s Japanese tour. The opportunity to spy on the first drafts of the new version of PSG, in the hope of finding a little more tactical coherence there than under Mauricio Pochettino. Ah, and we don’t forget Vitinha, who looks like a real thrill player.>> Start of the match at 12:30 p.m.

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