Karl Toko Ekambi’s new murderous outing on OL supporters!

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Loaned to Stade Rennais this winter, Karl Toko Ekambi should not continue the Lyon adventure at the end of his experience in Rennes. After a complicated start to the season with Olympique Lyonnais (4 goals in 19 games), the Cameroonian international had indeed been loaned, without a purchase option, to the Breton club until the end of the season. season. Yes, but now, the Cameroonian international (55 caps, 12 goals) – who had already cracked a sensational exit vis-à-vis the Lyon supporters – still does not seem to have digested.

Karl Toko Ekambi points out the inconsistency of Lyon supporters!

In a podcast from The Teamthis Friday, the one who sees his contract running until June 2024 on the side of OL has given the cover. Reacting to the many whistles he was the target of when he was still playing in the Rhone tunic, the 30-year-old striker emptied his bag, still loaded. “It’s simple, I play football, it’s my job, I have a salary at the end of the month, I have to do the job. It’s a show, those in the stands have paid for their seats, so if they have fun spending money and then whistling the actors, that’s their problem.first launched KTE before outbidding.

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OL: the banner murders supporters for Karl Toko Ekambi

“They don’t know where I’m coming from to get to this. Today I’m happy, I scored twice the day before yesterday. And the whistles didn’t change anything, I’ll keep moving forward. I come from below, I never imagined that I could achieve a fifth of what I achieved today. And I’m going to cry for people who don’t know football? Trying, subsequently, to explain the cause of this distrust, the Rennes striker – with 3 goals and 2 offerings since his arrival – seems to have an explanation. “In Lyon I’ve been whistled since I put a post against Bayern. And each time I reversed the trend. I score goals, they stop whistling, I don’t score for two games, they whistle. It’s not from last season.”.

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KTE and OL, a divorce recorded!

Bitter, Toko Ekambi then targeted the inconsistency of Lyon supporters in the treatment reserved. “Last season I scored 18 goals, when I was at the CAN and I missed a month and a half. And this year, they whistled me at the start of the season. So the problem is not new. I scored more than 50 goals in Lyon, they don’t know football. This winter there were plenty of clubs that wanted me when “I was useless”. When you suck, nobody wants you”. A new scathing release acknowledging – if necessary – the divorce between the different parties. Tracked by different teams last winter before settling in Rennes, KTE has no intention of returning to Lyon. For his future, the interested party now seems focused on a club capable of recognizing him at his fair value. A point that he also criticizes his detractors during his adventure with Les Gones.

“You start football at 5 years old and me today, I am 30 years old. That is to say, for 25 years, I tried to get to that day, to those matches. And it’s difficult, all children these days, they dream of playing football. Except that not everyone makes it. I do not understand how someone who has tried for 40 years to play football (the supporters, editor’s note) because it is often people in their forties who whistle at me, can criticize someone who has succeeded. I did not succeed in the CFA: I played the LDC, the CDM, the CAN, the Ligue 1, the Liga… That means that there are many professionals from all these clubs, who deceived about me? And it is someone who is at home, who has tried, who speaks behind his microphone who is right? If the coach takes me aside, shows me videos and tells me everything that is wrong, in the week in training I will correct it. When it’s a madman who is drunk in the stands who speaks, what am I going to listen to him frankly? Aulas has already told me “that’s not good”, I listen to him. And I correct and progress. But the crazy people in the stands? I don’t listen to them”. On good terms…

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