Jérémy Doku back with Rennes against Saint-Étienne

Jéméry Doku (19) reappears in the Rennes group after a second season marred by injuries. The Belgian international striker, quarter-finalist for Euro 2021, played the first four matches of the season before stopping dead (hamstrings) against Nantes (1-0, August 22), which away from the pitch for six weeks. He was to return to Metz (3-0, October 17) but this time he injured his knee in training (internal lateral ligament).

After five weeks of absence, he returned for four matches, enough time to score in Lorient (2-0, November 28), but there was a relapse and he could not play again before the start of 2022. Again , he had lined up four appearances, the time for a decisive pass for Laborde against Bordeaux (6-0, January 16), before being hit in the hamstrings again.

A month later, he chained… four matches, with a new decisive pass for Laborde against Angers (2-0, March 6), followed by a rather successful start in Leicester (ANG) in the round of 16 first leg. Europa League Conference (0-2, 10) and a calf injury as soon as he came into play in Lyon (4-2, 13). He was to miss two matches but his absence therefore stretched over six weeks. And there are still four matches to cover in a boiling end to the season where the Belgian dragster could have his role to play.

He should stay next season

The biggest investment in the club’s history (€26 million excluding bonuses), the former Anderlecht winger had sown flashes and sins in the finish last season, that of the discovery of L1 and the Champions League , when he was never injured. Rennes have climbed onto the podium almost without this major asset this season, and without Kamaldeen Sulemana and Loïc Badé since February.

It’s hard to know where Rennes would be with a Doku who, when he played, connected more easily with his teammates and Rennes movements than last season. At least there is a good chance that Rennes will still benefit from it next season, while he is under contract until 2025.


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