“James Harden’s house is worth a WHOPPING $160 million!”: 76ers star loves spending the big bucks on bling, wings and str*ppers

James Harden is one of the best-paid athletes of his time – only right he spends his millions on fashion

Judging by his tunnel walk outfits, James Harden cannot go a day without spending big on luxury clothes. Understandable, since money in the wallet is no good if you cannot flaunt it. While he could not buy himself an actual championship ring in his career, he’s got many in his locker from brands.

Harden’s keen sense of fashion stems from the fact that he likes to present himself well to the lassies. Immaculate hair and a lustrous beard make him look like Rick Ross, but with muscles sometimes. His weight may be on a yo-yo, but his collection of watches only goes up. Watches are statement pieces now, more jewelry than just timepieces.

His favorite in the collection is his first Rolex, the president that he got himself after coming into the league. Every black athlete dreams of making it big to have some ice on his wrist, Harden has a lot of it. But that isn’t the most ostentatious, it’s his AP, which is 100,000 dollars and diamond-encrusted.

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James Harden will not go the Allen Iverson route – provided he does not blow through his savings on wings, bling, and b**bs

One thing Harden has over his Philly counterpart is the fact that he got his mom set up well for life too. He not only got himself iced up, even his mom too. His mother returned the favor and got her son a gold AP, one that will never leave his collection.

His bling is not limited to just watches and clothes – he also likes fast cars and stately mansions. Why wouldn’t anyone want to enjoy the wealth they created? As long as he is happy, keeps his family close, and does well for himself, he’s had a great life.

The Beard’s spending rivals that of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade – but will he be as successful as them on the court is yet to be seen. He may have the individual braces but doesn’t have the one thing that matters the most.

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