“It’s very clever”: Messi set a trap for PSG

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“It’s very clever”: Messi set a trap for PSG

Published on May 6, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.

Recently, PSG made the decision to suspend Lionel Messi for two weeks. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner will not be able to train or play matches with the club and his salary will be withdrawn during this period. Friday, the latest element in this affair Messi apologized to the club, in a video posted on his social networks. If some see it as a real sincerity, others think that with these excuses, the Argentinian has regained the upper hand over PSG.

Friday, May 5, the football planet was set ablaze with a new episode of the soap opera Lionel Messi. The attacker of PSG published a video on his social networks, in which he apologized for having skipped a collective training to go to Saudi Arabiafor one of its sponsors. A video that surprised more than one follower, because many thought that Messi was going to hide in silence, and no longer wear the jersey of the PSGuntil the end of the season.

Sincere apologies?

If this video has calmed the situation a little bit, some do not find it sincere, even forced. These apologies would thus allow Messi to come out of this affair with our heads held high and to pass the PSG for the villain in the story. He who is already supported by the majority of public opinion, who sees the sanction of PSG as a crime against the Argentine. In any case, this is the opinion of one of the members of after football.

“It’s extremely clever of Lionel Messi”

According Jonathan Mac Hardy of after footballthe apologies of Messiallow him to regain control in this affair. “I don’t know if it’s Malaise TV, but I think it’s extremely clever of Lionel Messi. I find that by making this video where he does a slightly embarrassing, very unexpected mea culpa, I think he is regaining control of the file. In the end, when I see the opinions of the majority of people. There is still a consensus that I do not share, which was to say “Alala you are attacking Lionel Messi”, he is still an icon of football. I think coming this way, well I’m showing that I’m doing my Mea Culpa, that it’s a misunderstanding. PSG can no longer afford to make him the scapegoat and send him back free of charge. And I think it’s clever of him because there he takes the boxes. It’s a way of regaining control by saying “Well you see Paris, you wanted to lay me off, fire me. I’m going to make this little apology video which is anything but sincere because in reality, I I don’t give a fuck, I went to take my check in Saudi Arabia, but I’m still going to pretend to apologize like that everything you planned to do to both punish me, penalize me, but also dirtying my sporting heritage, well it won’t go so well when you do it and in addition I realized that I had public opinion behind me so I wipe my feet even more on the doormat of Paris Saint-Germain . »

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