“It’s a big lie”…Ruud rots Rune after his accusations

Two days after their quarter-final at Roland-Garros, the match continues between the Norwegian Casper Ruud, winner of the match, and the Dane Holger Rune, 19 years old. Wednesday evening, Rune reproached his adversary for having come to chamber him in the locker room after his victory.

“He came right up to me and yelled ‘yeeeeeeees’ right in the face,” he said. You can encourage yourself on the field and be happy, no worries, but to do that is a lack of respect, ”he cursed.

“It’s disappointing to lie like that about me”

Charges denied Thursday evening by Ruud on Eurosport. “We were both in the locker room after the game and it’s a very big locker room. I took an ice bath, ate a piece of pizza and listened to music before heading home. All this while Holger was in his part of the locker room,” the Norwegian said.

“So to make up a story that I yelled ‘Yes’ in his face is just a lie. It never happened. It’s a big lie. It’s disappointing to lie like that about me. I really hope it’s the last time he does that, ”continued Ruud who faces Marin Cilic this Friday in the semi-finals.

With two such different versions, it’s hard to know who is telling the truth. One thing is certain: the atmosphere will be icy during their next match. We can’t wait to see this.

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