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Mark from Atlantic Mine, MI

I know it’s pointless, but I’d like to know which teams were after which players, who they lost to another team that picked before them. Everyone says, ‘Oh, we’re so happy with our picks’, but in reality, there are surely disappointments and most coveted players who weren’t on the board that they thought were there. I guess that’s not a question, but really, you don’t ask yourself the question too?

Hello II. Is the recruit camp open to the public, to journalists or to you? Do we get first impressions from outside other than the coaches?

Media have access to the rookie minicamp, but it is not open to the public.

Which Packers draft pick do you think will stand out the most this coming season?

Wes and I covered a lot of this territory on our last “Unscripted”.

Steve from Lake Stevens, WA

Of all the choices, is there one that seems the most “ready” to you?

I see the Packers potentially getting immediate help in games from multiple players in this draft class, but that doesn’t mean they’ll actually be “ready.” I need to see young players in pads working 11-on-11 in training camp before making those kinds of comments or comparisons.

Wow, this Kenneth Odumegwu looks incredibly athletic. Just the fact that he gets here sounds like an incredible story. Can you give us a little more detail on the International Player Pathway program?

Honestly, I don’t know how the allocation process works, but the Packers will get an extra spot on their practice squad this year to keep him if he doesn’t make 53, and he’ll be eligible for the game- daytime activations like other PS players.

Brock from West Lafayette, IN

Good morning! With the schedule likely coming out soon, do you have any predictions for what the opener might be or is there a game you’d like to see to open Green Bay’s season?

I’m with Wes in that I hope it will be at Lambeau Field for the first time since 2018 (and only the third time since 2012). But there isn’t a home opponent that jumps out at me as an obvious choice for Week 1.

Passing (pun intended) the best WR in the draft for a defensive player with a potential upside seems like a questionable decision. Will these two players be compared in the years to come?

Sure, but that’s the nature of the project. The Packers passed on Jaxon Smith-Njigba, along with Broderick Jones, Dalton Kincaid, Calijah Kancey, Myles Murphy, Bryan Bresee and a host of other first-round players who many thought could be drafted higher than they were. . As my grandfather used to say, “Pay your money and make your choice”. That’s how it works.

I have read and studied the two tight rookies. 10 years from now, when we look back at two careers coming to an end, would anyone be shocked if Tucker Kraft ended up with a similar but better career? Not me.

Again, welcome to the draft, because there’s nothing to say. In 1999, the Packers used their first three picks on defensive backs, and the third (Mike McKenzie) turned out to be the best. In 2017, there were three running backs in five Green Bay caps, and the second (Aaron Jones) was the best player. In 2018, there were three receivers out of five picks, and again, the second (MVS) was the best of the bunch.

What if between now and next year’s draft, the Jets trade their first-round pick and Rodgers plays the required amount for us to receive the pick?

The pick is a conditional second round that could become a first, so the Jets must hang on to both picks until the conditions determine which one they give up.

If one of the undrafted college free agents who just signed with Green Bay makes it to the final 53, will they get a new contract with a raise?

No. It’s his contract. If he is released and re-signed to the practice squad, it becomes a different contract.

Kal from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I’m sorry, do you consider Rashan Gary a good choice at 12? Maybe it will one day. For now, all I see is an average player. Tell me what I miss. Did he go to a Pro Bowl and I missed it? I mean he’s been fine but far from a shining star. Tell me what makes him a good choice at 12? GPG How many Pro Bowl players have we drafted in the first round in the past six years?

Gary was on his way to a double-digit season last year, with six in the first nine games, when he suffered the injury. Plus, he had a couple more sacks nullified by setback penalties. He had 9½ sacks in 2021 and was a wrecking ball in the playoff loss to San Fran. His progress has been steady and evident from day one (until the injury), and he was more than any other the predicted defensive player for last year’s game. Alexander and Clark may be the only first-round Pro Bowlers drafted here in recent years, but Gary is no “average player.” Far from there.

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