Images of violence on the sidelines of a futsal match: mortar fire, stabbing… the stakes tip the match into chaos

The meeting counting for the Regional 3 championship took place on May 9 in Créteil. The opposition between Créteil Palais Futsal and VSG Futsal, a club from Villeneuve-Saint-Georges turned into a real battlefield after ultra-violent scuffles broke out between supporters.

It was an important match for these two rival clubs from the Val de Marne who are aiming for access to Regional 2. But the sporting stakes seem to have gone beyond the simple confrontation, the pressure quickly turning into strong tension on the field as well as in the stands. The video broadcast by Le Parisien in any case gives an idea of ​​the escalation of violence on the sidelines of this match. Iron bars, knives, mortars, the weapons used send shivers down your spine.

Scooter on the floor of the gymnasium, mortar fire and general fight…

A futsal match has completely degenerated in Créteil (Val-de-Marne)

— The Parisian (@le_Parisian) May 14, 2022

As our colleagues from Parisian tell us, two individuals on a scooter were already on the ground during the kick-off, announcing the color of a meeting like no other. “If the match will go well and end with the score of 3-3, the electricity around the pitch will continue to rise until it explodes at the final whistle. While completely panicked mothers try to leave the gymnasium with their children, a violent general fight between spectators breaks out. Between mortar fire and paintball, chaos is total”, indicates RMC Sport.

“An investigation was entrusted to the Territorial Security, indicates the parquet floor of Créteil, quoted Friday by Le Parisien. Two people, aged 20 and 21, were injured.

Unanimous condemnations

VSG Futsal issued a statement on Thursday to strongly condemn these “unspeakable excesses” and support injured spectators. “The VSG Futsal club appeals to everyone’s calm, discernment and responsibility so that no escalation of violence takes place.”

This Saturday, the Créteil club also condemned “without reservations” these “incidents” and these “very serious violence.

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