“I was threatened with death”, Laure Boulleau lived through hell

Consultant on Canal +, Laure Boulleau had a traumatic experience this season. “It was horrible and it really hurt me…”, she says.

” It was horrible. » The words are strong but translate well the nightmare experienced by Laure Boulleau. In an interview given to The teamthe consultant looks back on the traumatic experience that marked her deeply this season. It all started with a debate, on the set of Channel Football Clubaround the signing of Alexis Sanchez at OM. “Not very convinced” by this recruitment, because she believed that the Chilean striker was “the shadow of himself for four years”the former French international then found herself caught up in a torrent of insults on social media.

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Several waves of hatred fell on her, whether immediately after her intervention on the show or throughout the season, her remarks being systematically reminded of her with each good performance by the Olympian striker. Hard to take. “This is the first time that I have been attacked for free on an analysisshe explains. I don’t feel like I was being insulted. I like this player, a fighter, who looks like the player I was. My words have been very misinterpreted. » And the successful exercise of the neo-Marseillais, author of 13 goals in Ligue 1, did not help…

“All this for giving an opinion on a football player? »

“I had simply expressed doubts, with the style he has, about his ability to string together matches at a very high level, including the Champions League. I implied it might be a bad idea if he’s physically burnt outshe justifies herself. What annoyed me was that at that time, many had the same questions. But as I was talking about a Marseille player, I was brought back to my status as a former PSG player. I received violent messages! It was horrible and it really hurt me…” Because his haters went further than the insults.

“I was threatened with death”she remembers. These events forced her to protect herself and act by filing a complaint. “People have to face up to their responsibilities when they send me ‘bitch’, ‘big female dog, go home’ or ‘Alexis Sanchez spit on you’she says. Before, I never paid too much attention to insults but now they had taken on such proportions… In addition, on the other side, the ultra-feminist side wanted to defend me with #supportLaureBoulleau. Everyone wanted to get involved. All that for giving an opinion on a football player? »

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