‘I don’t respect Roger Federer like…’, says former ATP star

Former Grand Slam champion Juan Carlos Ferrero says it is absolutely impressive what Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have been able to achieve and how long they have managed to stay at the top of the game. The three greats have marked an era of tennis and are considered the three best players in the history of tennis.

Ferrero, who enjoyed a very successful career as he won a Grand Slam and rose to No. 1 in the rankings, beat Federer three times, Nadal twice, and once finished on the winning side against Djokovic. “I was there trying to find the tactic to play against them, and sometimes I beat them.

With Rafa, he was his strength on the court; the ball comes to you very heavy, the intensity of each point he is playing,” Ferrero said on Radio of ATP Tennis, according to Sportskeeda. “Roger, of course, can do anything at any time he wants.

He has won most of the matches he has played, which is impressive. For Novak, the one who is going to get the most titles in the future.” Nadal, 35, and Djokovic, 34, remain Grand Slam contenders, while Federer has unfortunately not played much in the last two years due to knee injuries.

“It is very difficult to maintain the same intensity week after week. They have been doing it for years. That is one of the things that has impressed me the most,” added Ferrero. In recent years, the big three have made some adjustments to their calendar, as all the attention has been focused on the Grand Slams.

Federer won 20 Grand Slam titles

David Nalbandian has said that beating the Big Three of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer made him confident of beating them again. “Beating all three guys (in the same tournament), didn’t happen before, didn’t happen until now.

Was amazing week. I was honestly playing very good last few months before arriving here. Didn’t get lot of results. Here I struggled in the first few rounds. I saved match points, I think, second or third round. And after that everything was going unreal.

I played incredible tennis.” Nalbandian added that familiarity with Federer’s playing style, having played with him in the juniors, helped him a lot in his career, adding: “I always think I can beat Federer because we play juniors all the time.

So everytime I went on court, I knew I (would have) a lot of chances. I knew he didn’t like to play against me as well. Both know it’s going to be a very tough match. Both know whoever’s going to play better will win.

I don’t respect Roger Federer like everybody else because we played from juniors. We don’t have that respect for each other. And that’s a huge advantage for me.”

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