“Horrible but magnificent”, admits Martinot-Lagarde beaten for a thousandth in the final of the 110m hurdles

The Frenchman, who won the silver medal at the European Championships in Munich, went through all the emotions on Wednesday evening.

“I wonder if one day I will say that I am satisfied. That day did not happen, ”smiles Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, who offered himself the twelfth international medal of his career at the age of thirty with European silver in the 110m hurdles on Wednesday in Munich (Germany), at the end of a difficult season.

How do you feel after this race decided to the thousandth?

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde : Horrible but beautiful. We are in the opposite scenario of four years ago, I had preceded (the Russian Sergey) Shubenkov by four thousandths of memory (two in fact, editor’s note). We are talking about a duel where it throws itself on the line as it can. But no regrets. At this level of time, a thousandth is not even the blink of an eye, not even a hair. In any case, look at my career: I’ve had a hard time all season, and I’m finishing on a high note. I have nothing to regret. (Asier) Martinez rode an incredible race, breaking his record on the day of the final. We have a great European champion who will stay with us for a few more years.

You’ve come a long way once again this season…

In the last week, I had an alert in the right thigh, and angina again! The day before and the day of departure. But we don’t care. I have a mentality where I have to be ready on August 17, 2022 no matter what. If you have a contracture, an angina, I don’t know what, you give everything. Today, I can tell you my neck is in pieces, I hurt everywhere, but who cares because in the final, I gave it my all and I’m European vice-champion. The rest doesn’t matter. I repeat that the slap at the World Championships (eliminated in the semi-finals in July, editor’s note) served me. If I hadn’t taken this slap, I don’t know if I would have trained so well afterwards to achieve this performance. I started building this medal by falling at Worlds and being pretty pissed at myself. I wonder if one day in an interview I will tell you in person that I am satisfied. That day did not come.

Tell us about Just Kwaou-Mathey accompanying you on the podium.

He’s always been a bit in our shadow, so we don’t see him coming. Today, he is the one with the (bronze) medal. And I hope that we will understand that he is a great athlete. His semi-final at the World Championships is incredible, and it went unnoticed because he’s not going to the final. Just, it’s a talent that we did not see coming. I am very happy that he is the one who managed to get this bronze medal today because he deserves it, he is a good guy.

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