Hamraoui, it becomes “worrying” for Diallo

Implicated at the beginning of the investigation into the violent attack against Kheira Hamraoui, Aminata Diallo saw the situation more and more badly while a man wrongly announced as a “relative”, according to his lawyer, was briefly taken into custody this week.

The investigation into the attack on Kheira Hamraoui in early November seems to have stalled. On Wednesday, a man was taken into custody but was quickly released by investigators. The suspect had been presented as a relative of Aminata Diallo. Wrongly, according to the latter’s lawyer, who regrets that the name of the midfielder, herself placed in police custody at the start of the investigation, is “still tossed about”.

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“He’s not a friend, he’s not even an acquaintance. It is a knowledge of a knowledge”. he assured in an interview with RMC Sport, specifying: “She had an exchange on Instagram with this individual. She had to redo her apartment and people around her told her that he was a handyman. And that therefore he could make himself available to carry out the work. Messages were exchanged on Instagram about the work that needed to be done. »

There are affinities with some more than with others

“This investigation does not make sense, my client has been singled out and presented as the main suspect around this file, he regretted. And very quickly, when she had no lawyer during police custody, she emerged innocent. » And the lawyer to lament “the amateurism of the investigators” and “the multiplication of articles in the newspapers leads to a very worrying moral situation for Aminata Diallo”. Even though she is a “swinging”, “it affects him”he added.

The midfielder’s lawyer, after pointing the finger “the amateurism of the investigators”gave it a layer. “I do not explain the wandering on the temporality of the investigation. And I don’t explain how my client ended up in this case. It’s still an enigma.”he launched before discussing with caution the relationship between his client and Kheira Hamraoui. “The relationships she has with her teammates are professional. Afterwards, as in all trades, there are affinities with some more than with others, he explained. I know that she knows how to put emotions aside to serve the club, to pursue the quest for titles and matches won. »

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