Haise already announces the color for the transfer window!

Before the Lens-OM shock, which could be decisive in the race for the Champions League, Franck Haise is already planning for next season.

The final sprint is launched in Ligue 1! Five days from the end, the three leading teams stand in six points. If PSG, leader with five lengths ahead of OM, seems well on its way to keeping its throne, the race for second place, directly qualifying for the next edition of the Champions League, promises to be exciting between Marseille and Lens. Two clubs which have an appointment on Saturday evening, for the shock of the 34e daytime.

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A final for the Blood and Gold? “We are very happy to have to play this matchdeclared Franck Haise at a press conference. To have a match like that five days from the end, and to be just behind OM who are having a very, very big season, that means that we are also having a very, very big one. To play it at Bollaert, with us, is also a very beautiful moment to experience. Afterwards, talking about finals… Finals are when there is a trophy. And there, there will be none. »

The reward could come later for him and his players with, therefore, a ticket for the C1. But would Racing be a worthy representative of French football at the highest European level? The Lensois coach thinks so, so much so that he does not plan to completely upset his workforce this summer in the event of participation in the Champions League, which would nevertheless allow its leaders to have a good envelope to recruit players. more upscale.

“I think there will be no madness”

“I think there won’t be any madness because we don’t have the means, and you shouldn’t do anything even if you get a qualification in a very prestigious competition.has already warned the one who also has the cap of general manager of the RCL. Even if there is a Champions League, there will be no exceptional recruitment because, one, it is not in our will; and two, it’s not in our possibilities either. »

“You have to move forward, take the steps but not skip them, he continues, always with the greatest caution. We are programmed to make a top 8 or top 10, with the internal ambition of going to Europe or getting closer to it. We weren’t originally scheduled for the Champions League. » Appetite comes with eating, the saying goes. But in Lens, which has eight points more than Monaco, fourth, we are obviously paying attention to its line.

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