Grizzlies accuse Jordan Poole of injuring Ja Morant

Five minutes from the end of the match, Ja Morant left the Grizzlies bench to go to the locker room. He limps, and we learn that he is injured in the right knee. Difficult to know how he was injured, and it is Taylor Jenkins who will start the controversy.

He’s being examined right now… Nothing specific yet. We watched the action, and after a dribble, Jordan Poole grabbed his knee, and he ripped it off. That’s what triggered what happened, so I’m very curious to see what’s going to happen after that. »

A journalist asks him if the NBA will review the action, as was the case for Dillon Brooks’ foul on Gary Payton II.

“You know the code. We only talk about that in this series…”

Sure. I’ll talk about it, and we’ll see he continues. ” I never said it was intentional. We’re going to watch the video. I’m just saying what happened: he grabbed her knee. I’m just curious. »

Jaren Jackson Jr takes over from his coach at a press conference, and the interior of the Grizzlies is much more direct. For him, if Steve Kerr spoke of “code” about Dillon Brooks, then it must be discussed on both sides.

“During the match, we didn’t know what happened. There’s so much going on…” explains JJ. “We found out later. It’s an action where he has the ball in his hands, and it’s unfortunate… You never want to see that kind of thing. Obviously, no one here does anything dirty, but that’s just unfortunate. You know the code. We only talk about that in this series…”

From the locker room, Ja Morant tweets: “ He broke the code“, the expression used by Steve Kerr after the fault of Brooks on Payton. Before finally deleting his tweet…

On the Warriors side, Jordan Poole defends himself. His phone in hand, he sees this action where he grabs the knee of Ja Morant, and he answers.

It was an action where it was taken with two, and I go to touch the ball. That’s what I was aiming for. Nobody wants anyone to get hurt. I’m not a player like that. I respect everyone. I hope he will be better, and that we can see him in the next game. It’s not my style of play. »

There is no possible comparison with what Dillon (Brooks) or Draymond (Green) have done. There’s nothing fun about Ja being hurt, but everything else is crap.”

For Stephen Curry, all this controversy is bogus, and he defends his young teammate.

It’s unfortunate that we get to discuss this because no one wants anyone to get hurt… There was nothing vicious about Jordan’s gesture. There is no possible comparison with what Dillon (Brooks) or Draymond (Green) have done. It’s not in the same category. There’s nothing fun about Ja getting hurt, but everything else is crap. »

Especially since it is not necessarily on this action that Ja Morant was injured, since before, there had been a big shock with Klay Thompson. It was at the start of the 3rd quarter.

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