Grant Williams restarts beef with Stephen Curry after ESPYs diss

The back-and-forth between Stephen Curry and Grant Williams continues. Now, after being on the receiving end of some dissing at the ESPYs, the Boston Celtics forward took his chance to fire back at the Golden State Warriors star.

Referencing Curry’s trolling during the ESPYs, during which he said he’ll let Williams borrow his suit and maybe allow him to wear a ring, the Celtics youngster took to Instagram to mock the Warriors vet. Williams posted a photo of him from the awards show, captioning it with “I’d borrow the suit but I don’t wear a medium.”

Now that’s a good rebuttal. While it would have been better and more effective had it come right after the ESPYs, we have to give props to Grant Williams for that solid response. Besides, fans wouldn’t want him to end Stephen Curry with his answer, so that should do it for now.

Hopefully Steph sees it and fires back as well. He just can’t abandon the beef like that, not after responding to Williams’ previous comments with a savage clapback of his own.

To recall, when Williams commented that the Warriors were simply more disciplined but not really better than the Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals, it didn’t take long for Curry to take a shot at the 23-year-old. His ESPYs diss was even a continuation of that.

Perhaps Curry is still coming up with a better comeback, but let’s hope it won’t take him longer than five days.

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