Grant Williams literally got stepped on by Joel Embiid

This is one of the images from Game 3 between the Sixers and the Celtics. Grant Williams, often in a duel with Joel Embiid during the meeting, was literally walked on by the Sixers pivot. It hurts just writing this sentence.

The scene takes place in the middle of the fourth quarter. By throwing himself on a ball with his friend Jaylen Brown and tripping Joel Embiid at the same time, Grant Williams took Jojo’s foot – as a reminder, the pivot weighs 127 kilos – on the back of the head . As a result, Williams ate the floor very violently.

The picture is really creepy. And friend Grant’s mouth will be bloody after that. But the most incredible thing about this story is that Williams still has all his teeth, a decent nose, and is back in the game to continue his very good defensive work on Embiid. For the record, know that the latter came to the news of the Celtics player after his clearly involuntary gesture. Also, Grant Williams didn’t need to go through concussion protocol. The kind of ending we love.

“When I saw the action again, I was like, ‘Damn, I really got walked on. Since I’m a little crazy, it was fine. I’m ready for the next game.”

– Grant Williams after the game

The victory of the Celtics in his pocket, Williams was able to leave the room with a smile, and above all the feeling of the work accomplished. He may have finished with 0 points on the clock, but his defense contribution was huge to help control Embiid (30 points but 9/19 in shooting). Proof that he was fully in his match, Grant even forced the referees to swing a technical foul on De’Anthony Melton after the latter sent the ball into the stands at the end of the first quarter. A real Grant Williams sequence.

Despite playing time and a role that has fluctuated quite a bit lately, Williams was there when the Celtics needed him most. The sign of a true pro. And something tells us that Joe Mazzulla will continue to lean on him to handle the Embiid case in future games of the series.

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