government stands up for children who whistled England

This Saturday at the Puskas Arena, Hungary dominated England to everyone’s surprise (1-0). But it was in the stands that the match got people talking. And for good reason. While the match was supposed to be behind closed doors following racist and homophobic slogans launched during Euro 2021, the enclosure was filled with nearly 35,000 people. Hungary had thus circumvented the problem by inviting children under 14 accompanied by an adult, which is authorized by UEFA.

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But at kick-off, when the English players knelt down, as a sign of the fight against racism, they were copiously whistled by the public and therefore by the children invited to the stadium. This provoked the indignation of coach Gareth Southgate. The Hungarian government hastened to react and logically defended its public this Sunday. “Those who think that children attending a football match in Budapest can be blamed for any type of political statement are really idiots. Congratulations to our national team. Applause for the 35,000 children», launched the Secretary of State for Communication and International Relations of the country on Twitter. That’s not going to fix anything.

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