Golf. World of left-handers: skillful Loire residents

It is often a question of establishing a GOAT (1) in many disciplines, and golf will undoubtedly not escape it between Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson, or even Rory Mc Ilroy.

But there is a separate caste, that of left-handers. This is why these men and women from all over the world have decided to unite to create a world association of left-handed golfers.

This one having declined its name in many countries, since 1979 is organized the world championship of the left-handed golfers. This is why two residents of the Loire: Bruno Deplanil and Daniel Defranoux, members of the Bords de Loire association golf club in Andrézieux, decided to try their luck.

Respectively handicap 20 and 17, while some competitors present themselves with a negative handicap, the two men do not go up to Paris to play for the win, but to “participate and play on beautiful golf courses (laughs)” by Daniel’s own admission.

An American, a New Zealander and a Frenchman are on a golf course

The latter, employed at Thuasne and regularly traveling around the world, had the opportunity to extend his English vocabulary to the golf field. “On Monday, I faced an American and a New Zealander, then on Tuesday an Irishman”.

Spread over four days, from Monday to Friday with a break on Wednesday, the competition took place on four different courses, all of high standard, with that of Roissy, the French Stadium of Courçon, the golf of Saint-Cloud and that from Laboulie to Versailles.

Beyond the purely technical aspect linked to the natural right-left effect of left-handed players, another peculiarity pleased Daniel: “borrowing good equipment. Because with right-handers it’s not bad will, but you just can’t use them. »

A part of the pleasure which ended on the second place of the podium of the series 3 for Daniel Defranoux and in the sixteenth place of the Open 3 for Bruno Deplanil.

(1) GOAT English acronym means: “Greatest of all time”. The best of all time.

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