GOLF: The Avoise golf course received the Rosello competition

The Montcellian jewelry store once again offered a very nice prize-giving to golfers.

This Sunday, the Avoise golf course hosted the competition from the Rosello jewelry store in Montceau. Loyal sponsor for years, local players are familiar with this event, particularly renowned for its great prize money. This season, 44 players took advantage of the good weather, although still a little warm for some.

Dominique Gaulier, owner of the jewelry store since 1994, was again present for this edition as a player and sponsor. He also took advantage of the award ceremony to announce his new acquisition, a wellness center, the SPA Anahita in Montceau-les-Mines. During the awards ceremony, conducted jointly with the golf director, some lucky people were able to win treatments in this establishment, while the others left with jewelry and watches. The day, punctuated by a pot at 9 held by Enora, ended around the traditional cocktail.

Next event, Saturday September 3, with the final of the Crémants de Bourgogne competition which will welcome the finalists who won the competition in one of the 7 clubs where it was held. For all other golfers, you will have to wait until Sunday, September 3, for the Monsieur Golf competition.

Julien ZAIDI

Results :

Women :
Raw :

1st: DESMURGER Marie-Hélène (+10)
2nd: FAVRE-MATSUI Motoko (+10)
3rd: FREREJEAN Martine (+11)

Net :

1st: PERRET Manon (41 pts)
2nd: DAUSSE Françoise (40 pts)
3rd: CAPBER Solange (35 pts)

1st series:
Raw :

1st: MICHAUD Philippe (-1)
2nd: DESMURGER Alain (+6)
3rd: DE BASTOS Fernando (+7)

Net :

1st: ROUX Eric (43 pts)
2nd: FRISON Bastien (39 pts)
3rd: FAVRE Eric (39 pts)

Other series:
Raw :

1st: PICHAN Jocelyn (+11)
2nd: REYMONDON Michel (+13)
3rd: BRAVARD Jean-Jacques (+15)

Net :

1st: YATKIN Martin (46 pts)
2nd: ROCHETTE Pierre (38 pts)
3rd: BOULAY Daniel (37 pts)

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