Golf | Cazoo Classic | The magnificent final fight of Julien Guerrier

Committed to the Cazoo Classic, an event of the European Tour, Julien Guerrier has decided to take us through all the emotions. Without forgetting to conclude his tournament with the best of sensations; false hope.

We’re not going to lie to you, Julien Guerrier’s start to the tournament was anything but FFL at the Cazoo Classic. The native of Evreux showed us the full extent of his talent, and God knows we don’t like this term here. Like this birdie, we had every reason to think that Julien was going to give us a nightmare on the English turf.

With a three-shot lead just nine holes from the end of the tournament, it was hard to see who could worry the Frenchman. Same story with five little holes in the term.

“Tomorrow, I know there will be emotion but I will stick to my game plan: hit the fairways, grab the greens and put in putts” J. Guerrier

As you can imagine, none of this is going to happen. As the saying goes, you are never better served than by yourself. As you will have understood, the only one who will manage to destabilize Julien Guerrier is Julien himself.

The beautiful finish of Julien Guerrier

As he was preparing to register a first line in his prize list, Julien Guerrier brought honor to an entire country. What’s more, on the lands of our lifelong friend, England. It all started with a sublime 3-putt, with a fine failure 8 meters from the hole, which gave a wave of hope to its competitors. Then again, a new 3-putts mastered with a master hand a few holes later at only 2 meters. Perfect for getting Richie Ramsay and Paul Waring back in the game.

Three players with a -13 card with two turns to go. Here is the breathtaking suspense reserved by the Cazoo Classic this year. But even before the first shots are played, any golf enthusiast understands that the dynamics are not really on the side of the Frenchie. If the first signs of cracking have seen the light of day, the Frenchman will end the tournament in freewheel.

Everything will be decided on the 17th. From the start, Julien Guerrier offers us a fabulous quickhook, in other words, a ball that goes completely out of its trajectory. One of the most penalizing shots in golf for short. The Frenchman fails to restore the situation. And even ends up playing a shot from the rough, those parts of land that are not mowed. The Graal. Meanwhile, Ramsay slams a silky birdie. Thank you good game.

Julien Guerrier finally finished third in the tournament. The French would have signed directly for such a result, but given the turn of events, it is the FFL that is delighted. Julien will have to wait before signing a first success on the DP World Tour. The only downside, Julien grabbed 23 places in the standings, and now occupies 87th position.

But we take it willingly in view of the outcome.

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