Girondins4Ever – The Girondins4Ever Tops-Flops of this Saint-Etienne

(Photo by Franco Arland/Icon Sport)

The Girondins of Bordeaux played their fourth pre-season friendly match at 7:00 p.m. It was against the team ofAS Saint Etienneresident of League 2. The match was played at the Stade Municipal Louis-Darragon in Vichy.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw. Bordeaux opened the scoring through the most prominent player during this preparation, Logan Delaurier-Chaubet. The Saint-Etienne equalized in the 90th minute following a whistled hand in the Girondine area. Denis Bouanga is the author of the goal.

The opportunity for us to deliver the TOPS and FLOPS of FCGB players during this meeting:


(Photo by Franco Arland/Icon Sport)

Logan Delaurier-Chaubet: He is the player of this summer preparation. The young winger who seemed to be in the closet, even on the list of starters, shows that we will have to count on him. Very moving, he makes his technique and his palette speak. Able to overflow, dribble but also take good corners, Logan scored again. And what a goal! He is in the process of earning his place, he who had to settle for the National 3 last season.

Danylo Ignatenko: The Ukrainian international imposes himself physically on the ground. We see him defending, projecting himself forward, trying, he is very present and will be an essential asset in Ligue 2. And he has not lost his commitment! If you are looking for Danylo, you will find him quickly enough, proof of this is with this altercation vis-√†-vis Silva. Character, that’s what we want!

Gaetan Poussin: The Bordeaux goalkeeper had a job in this game. Often called upon, he was able to reassure by delivering a correct and solid performance. If he had a hesitant exit in the first period, he was able to win in front of the Stéphanois attackers. Two beautiful parades to his credit, especially in the second half.


Fransergio: The Brazilian midfielder continues the friendly matches. Repositioned slightly lower, he puts his foot on the ball a little more and finds his partners. A passer in spite of himself for the goal of Logan Delaurier-Chaubet. But Fransergio still has its old demons, including slow replacement and insufficient intake. In Ligue 2 it should pass on some matches but we will have to be at the top all season!

Sekou Mara 5: He is still there despite the rumors that come out every day. Holder at the kickoff, however, he did not weigh on this match. Few balloons to eat and he couldn’t tell the difference. Substituted at half-time Josh Maja.

Entry of Josh Maja 5: He replaced Sekou Mara at half-time and in the end put in an average performance. Little to his advantage, he failed to exploit the Girondins balloons and even missed the winning goal at the very end of the match.

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