Gérard Lopez: “It’s something that Jean-Louis Gasset, who was a coach before, had already told me a little. I should have listened to him”

On RMC, Gerard Lopez spoke of his regrets, and in particular those upon his arrival, namely people wanting to associate with him later. ” Yes of course. There are several regrets. It may be initially to have, as you know there were quite a few promises from people who wanted to associate later. It wasted a bit of time. And in the end these associations simply did not have the money. We lost weeks and we took over the club very late. People had offered to invest. But if we had to stick only to the promises that are made…”.

On this point, to the question of whether he thought he had more means than he had, the President of the Girondins de Bordeaux replies that no, but that above all it made him waste time, just like not having listened Jean Louis Gasset at the level of the athlete.

“No, we wouldn’t have changed the envelope but we would have just distributed things differently. We waited but we were taken by the weather and that’s the first thing (which I regret). The second is that, not having a lot of time, I probably haven’t changed enough the athlete, the locker room, etc. It is clear that I was disappointed and they know it. I was disappointed with a series of experienced players on their ability to carry youngsters. There was none, that’s clear. It’s something that Jean-Louis Gasset, who was a coach before, had already told me a bit. I should have listened to him. I’m not going to go individually on players because it’s no longer relevant and I’m on something else, namely the DNCG and next season.

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