Gérald Baticle (Angers): “Dysfunctions to be solved”

Gérald Baticle spoke at length on Friday during the weekly press briefing at La Baumette, of which here are the highlights: “At the beginning of next week, I have scheduled a meeting with my management to give our opinions (with his staff) on our end of contract, our players who are one year from the end of their contract and on the whole group. Regarding what came out this (friday) morning ( The Team” announced discussions on the future of Baticle, under contract until 2025), I requested an interview with my president. I could tell you about the improvement of the functioning (of the club) and also tell you about corrections of malfunctions, explained the Angevin coach.

It is not in my operation to unburden myself in the press or on the public highway. (all season), I tried to seal as much as possible. It would be a shame not to fix these dysfunctions between the two seasons. Because if we leave with malfunctions, we put ourselves in danger. I have seen many clubs in the past who, if they did not correct their dysfunctions, put themselves in danger.

“I know the financial problem, but the dysfunction is outside the financial problem. »

For the sake of protecting my players, you have never heard me in the year complaining or putting forward the slightest problem. If I had any reproaches to make to them (to players), it was done, I’m not a blessed yes-yes. I knew how to tell them when it was wrong, while protecting them. I think it’s time to have meetings, to put the dysfunctions on the table. And above all, I feel strong to come up with arguments to find solutions and resolve these dysfunctions. I’m not in denial. For me, it is imperative to settle them. »

Regarding the malfunctions in question, Baticle, who kept a calm tone throughout his press conference, assured: “I know the financial problem, but the dysfunction is outside the financial problem. »


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