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After the recent remarks made by the president of the French Football Federation Nol Le Grat, the entourage of the striker of the French team Kylian Mbapp has canceled the meeting scheduled for Thursday to settle the disagreements between the two parties. concerning the agreement relating to the transfer of collective image rights.

Kylian Mbapp was upset by Le Grat.

If he doesn’t accept the operation, he won’t have any money, that’s all. Players get 30% of what FIFA gives. (…) For his lawyer, the contracts with the players were supposedly obsolete. It’s not true. But, I repeat, what reassures me is the general attitude of the players. And Kylian, frankly, I don’t play fake ass, I really like him. I think he respects the Fd. Football is not an individual sport.

Last Saturday, the president of the French Football Federation Nol Le Grat made this exit to put pressure on the striker of the French team Kylian Mbapp, who had refused to participate in a marketing operation during the last rally. Words that were not appreciated within the Paris Saint-Germain star’s clan.

A canceled appointment!

Thus, the entourage of the former Mongasque, vexed, made a strong decision: to cancel the meeting, initially scheduled for Thursday, with Le Grat, according to information from the daily L’Equipe. While the two parties were to discuss to try to find common ground in relation to the disagreements concerning the agreement relating to the transfer of the collective right to the image, the dialogue is now completely broken.

We have indeed decided to cancel this appointment. This is useless because President Le Grat has already delivered his conclusions before discussing the subject. The Federation is more than allowed to use the collective image of the French team. But the problem is in particular that it uses more and more the individual image of certain players with others more withdrawn, said the lawyer of the Parisian, Delphine Verheyden. As a reminder, Mbapp does not want to associate his image with certain brands and also campaigns for a better distribution of the money received in favor of amateur football.

The Grat calms things down…

In any case, the tension has therefore clearly increased a notch between the two camps. While his speech led to the end of the discussions, Le Grat is now seeking to claim the game. There was nothing mean in what I said. Now we need to meet. It’ll be all right, it’s not a state affair, a temporis the tricolor leader. If this situation continues with the refusal of Mbapp to participate in the operations of the Blues, the sponsors are likely to quickly put pressure on the boss of the FFF…

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