French team – Le Graët in the sauce, the chaos of the Stade de France catches up with him!

This weekend, Noël Le Graët explained that the FFF was in no way responsible for the serious incidents that occurred during the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool at the Stade de France.

“According to the investigation, it appears that the Federation is cleared of any administrative, legal or jurisdictional error, since ours is the organization and maintenance of order inside the enclosure and that there were no incidents” explained in particular the boss of the FFF before his general meeting. The boss of the French team, however, will not get away with it so easily. And for good reason, his statement did not go unnoticed by the Senate, where an investigation is currently being carried out to shed light on this affair. For several days, the senators have been at work in order to seek answers and take all the necessary measures in order to avoid the reproduction of such events in the future. In response to Noël Le Graët, the senators thus reminded the boss of the French Football Federation that their investigation was still in progress and had not delivered its conclusions.

The Senate calms Noël Le Graët

One of them reminds RMC that it should not “not draw conclusions in the media as Noël Le Graët did. Even if the police were singled out during the press conference on Thursday, we have to wait for the full conclusions of the report” he explains. On the side of the representatives of the supporters, present the evening of the match, there is no question either of laundering the FFF for the moment. “Noël Le Graët who is self-bleaching, while Liverpool supporters have just been released from hospital, it is unworthy. It shows both the priorities of the FFF and the little consideration they have for us, the supporters. It has to face a colossal construction site, the Federation is behind its European neighbors. She did not miss a train, but a dozen trains” attacks Ronan Evain, Managing Director of Football Supporter Europe. Another major element recalled by RMC: the stewards, widely singled out during the Champions League final at the Stade de France, were under the responsibility of the FFF on the evening of the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid. An element that does not really encourage whitewashing the federation chaired by Noël Le Graët, at least not before the end of the Senate investigation.

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