French team – Insult and slap, women’s football disgusted by one man

FIFA still does not have a broadcaster for the 2023 Women’s World Cup in the 5 main European countries including France. Gianni Infantino accuses the chains of not respecting the players. An exit which did not rain and which is now countered.

Black screen on the next Women’s World Cup? This threat becomes serious as the title l’Equipe in an article. The world tournament, which will bring together 32 countries for the first time, from July 20 to August 20, will take place in Australia and New Zealand. But, for the moment, no channel has obtained distribution in France and in the four other major European countries: England, Germany, Spain, Italy.

Five markets that are lacking in FIFA, angering Gianni Infantino. The president of world football felt that these countries were putting ” a slap in the face to all the great players urging them to donate a bigger and more decent sum for this burgeoning competition.

Infantino too stingy and designated culprit

An exit which was to allow him to clear himself vis-à-vis the players but which did not succeed in his mission. In any case, not at Alexandra Popp. The emblematic German captain is worried about a possible non-broadcast of the future World Cup. If she gives a share of responsibility to the broadcasters in this situation, she mainly attacked the pecuniary desires of the boss of FIFA. ” At Mr. Infantino, it feels like it’s all about the money, and who’s the most powerful in the world. It shouldn’t be. Because in this way, the sport that we all love and appreciate is damaged. The duty lies with FIFA but also with the broadcasters “, she dropped to SID, the German sports press agency.

Could the problem of the profitability of broadcasters have been avoided by Gianni Infantino? Yes, and not only on the price. Indeed, the first concern in this file remains the dates, in the middle of summer and not very profitable for the chains at the level of the pubs. These were chosen, not for a question of climate, but indeed for the big money. ” The first insult to women is to install this competition in the heart of summer. Never has a World Cup, men or women, been scheduled so late in the season. Everyone knows that for all the channels in Europe, activity collapses after July 14, with much weaker advertising revenue prospects, especially at this time when the advertising market is suffering. When we know that this discrepancy is due to FIFA’s initial desire to install its Men’s Club World Cup and that the latter does not even take place… The slap, it is she who gives it », Indicates a broadcaster to the Team. Another element which confirms that it is indeed Gianni Infantino who will have to make the first gesture to ensure the retransmission of the competition in all European homes this summer.

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