Frank Lampard is putting his career in great danger

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The matches follow and look alike for Chelsea. The club still had a complicated evening this week on the lawn of Arsenal. Overwhelmed in all areas of play during the first period, the Blues ended up losing (3-1) again. It is now the 6th defeat in as many games for Frank Lampard, 2 goals scored for 12 conceded, an elimination in the Champions League. Come to ensure the end of the season and the succession for the future coach (probably Mauricio Pochettino), the former midfielder must now wonder in what quagmire he got his feet.

He was already coming out of a complicated experience at Everton from where he was fired last January. With this umpteenth poor performance, here he is at 1 win, 2 draws and 17 defeats in his last 20 games. And the calendar is not favorable to him (Man City, Man United, Newcastle in particular). In other words, if Lampard was given a second chance at Chelsea, it is above all because he was free and he is a club legend. His glorious past speaks to supporters, his managerial CV much less. He is even jeopardizing the rest of his career by listening to a few consultants and analyzes in England.

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“I don’t recognize my club” already lamented Didier Drogba a few days ago. Now, criticism is coming from all sides. “When I was little, I had a coach with 11 players. He placed them randomly on the field without any tactics. That’s how I see Chelsea.”continues Cesc Fabregas on sky sportsclearing Lampard all the same. “I completely understand how he must be feeling. It’s mostly about the players, you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself the right questions. They have the excuse of the manager but they are not playing.

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Some of Lampard’s choices still raise questions. Against Real Madrid and then against Brentford, he trusted the young Gallagher and a Kanté back from injury in support of a center forward, leaving on the bench more suitable profiles to play as an attacking midfielder. Without a real center forward in the workforce, despite more than 600 M€ spent during the last two transfer windows, Havertz, Joao Felix or Sterling have evolved at the forefront. None of the three is a pure number 9. Against Arsenal, it was Aubameyang, the only real striker in the squad, who played. He was substituted at the break after missing out…

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Lampard did not build this poorly thought out and poorly balanced squad, but the results are unequivocal. For the moment, he joins the ray of the worst coaches. “It’s quite damaging because the stats are overwhelming for Lampardabounded one of the feathers of sky sports after the disappointment against Brentford. In fact, since taking charge of Everton in 2022, no Premier League manager has lost more games than him. A lackluster picture which risks leaving traces for the future, as a certain Roy Keane had ironically said in 2020 during the coach’s first stint on the bench for the Blues.“Frank Lampard has lost eight games but Frank is fine.”

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