Franck Ribéry freaks out and attacks a player! The penalty fell…

We thought Franck Ribery appeased since his arrival in Italy, but obviously this is not always the case. The 39-year-old Frenchman enjoyed the heyday of Bayern Munich in Germany for a long time, before leaving Bavaria in 2019 to join Italy. A country where he seems to flourish. Recently, he celebrated the end of Ramadan with his family, as he showed on his Instagram account. Everything is going well therefore since his current team, the Salernitana, is in the process of achieving the feat of saving itself.

After a disastrous start to the season and a few personal problems, Franck Ribéry’s team had a cannonball end to the season and the last matches were set to be decisive for maintaining the first division. Last Sunday, the Salernitana played a decisive match against a direct opponent and things got worse. After his team’s opener, Karim Benzema’s great friend could not stand the altercation between one of his teammates and an opponent. A scuffle then broke out between the two teams and the Frenchman literally lost his nerve.

Franck Ribéry is doing very well

As can be seen from the pictures, Franck Ribéry catches the player of the opposing team at the level of the neck before violently throwing him to the ground and fighting with him. A scene of rare violence to which the former player of the France team had not accustomed us in his career. Directly expelled by the referee when he was not even on the field, the latter risked a lot after this episode, but obviously the institutions were rather lenient with him. He finally suspended for one match and fined 5,000 euros for his gesture. Good news for Franck Ribéry who will therefore be able to participate in his team’s last match and help Salernitana to save his skin in Seria A.

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